Friday, January 23, 2009

Deep breath in.......and out.........

Whew. It's over.
Today Maizey was such a diva. I can't help but laugh. She is so high maintenance it's funny. If only you could've seen me trying to put mascara on this morning; it's like a circus act. She is non-stop, and by non-stop I mean non-stop. The only time there is peace is when she is sleeping, she's lovely then. I went to the mall today to get a break. Yes, I took Maizey and went to the mall so that I could relax. It's funny because that used to be the opposite of what I would do with her. But, now she needs constant entertainment. I was watching videos of my younger baby and I think that 4-6 months was the perfect combo of personality and ease. She had enough personality that she was really fun, but she was still really easy to manage. I remember thinking how she was so fun and I felt so lucky that she was so bubbly. Oh, what I would give for a quiet, introspective baby. But she's my crazy Maizey and I love her.

Yesterday we went to Gymboree. I took her once before when she was like 3 months old and it was no big deal. But, I figured now that she is older it might be more interesting for her. And, it was! She loved it, she crawled all over everything--and everyone. She practiced walking on this cool ball they had, she laughed, and even learned to clap (we'd been practicing for a while and then something just clicked). What I learned about Maizey is something I pretty much already knew, she knows NO stranger anxiety whatsoever! There were 3 other moms there, and while we were under the parachute, or singing songs, or whatever, she just crawled right up to them and climbed up to them. She was pulling one lady's hair, and she even sat on another lady's lap. It was hysterical, and slightly awkward. The ladies were really great with her, but I know they wanted to play with their own children, but then I didn't want to seem like it weirded me out by pulling her away. Oh, my girl is crazy.

Here are a couple of pics. Tahtah.
All dressed up for the mall. Diva? Who me?

The girl is a waving machine these days.

Lately, this is a face we see often. Poor baby.

Tip to mothers: ice in one of these mesh bags is a lifesaver! It's wet, but worth it.

Just when you think she's miserable she breaks out with this. Clap on...

Clap off! The clapper!


Jessica Zevely said...

Wow!! Ok first of all, I can't believe that in just a matter if days since I've been gone, u webt from famous to private! That sucks but better to be on the safe side from weidos!!! So happy u went to gymboree! Pretty soon those songs will be stuck in your head! See u soon! Love, Yesseca

Snowed In said...

I am so glad you're private. I don't feel comfortable exposing my family to that crazyness. I love my maize... She's such a big girl. I miss her. I will see her soon, I will. I hate commuting - it steals my soul, and my desire to drive to Everett!

Beth Zarling said...

She is so cute.
Harper is getting less high maitance now. 4-6 months was way worse for me. Now at least she can entertain herself a little more.

jon and nichole said...

i love all of her little outfits!! you are so freaking cute!!

Ashley Bruggeman said...

High maintenance princesses are the best! It was about this time I started taking classes with Ava--mommy and baby swimming, music classes, etc. Once they can crawl, your life as you knew it is over...We had a great time with you guys last week. We will have to plan another playdate!

Georgia said...

you must come back over to my house w/ her when i get back! the kids really want to play with her again!!

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