Monday, January 5, 2009

Blogging is Boring

Normally I love to blog, but my feelings about it lately are as stated in the title: boring. Also, I've just been busy lately and, let me tell you, now that Maizey is so mobile, my free time went from a little to even less--what's smaller than a little? Whatever it is, it's all I have.

So, I wasn't even going to post more than that last paragraph, but I am realizing that I do have some to report. When I tell you that Maizey is mobile, I mean it. I was away for the weekend (which I will get to later), and when I came home Maizey was crawling all over the house, and fast! She used to just crawl around on the little area that we would setup, but now she immediately bolts--she'll go to the bathroom, or the kitchen, or the office. It's nuts. Miss Independence. Then, once she gets there she finds something to pull herself up with--a table, a chair, a shoe (well she tries to stand up using a shoe, but is rarely successful), an animal. If that animal happens to be the kitty things can get problematic. The other problem is that our house has ZERO carpeting, just tile and hardwoods, and Dolly Doodlebug aka Bolly Oobledug aka Maizey doesn't have super great balance yet, so what goes up nearly always comes down--and if we're not around she usually comes down on her head. We did apply to be on Oprah on a show titled "Burdened by Bare Floors," but apparently they don't think we're burdened enough. I can't wait to see who ends up on that show. Anyway, Maizey requires constant attention and/or jailing. We can't even let her sleep on our bed anymore, we wake up and she's crawled halfway down the bed, then she just turns and looks at us with her little Maggie Simpson suck suck on her pacifier looking incredibly guilty. The cutest little troublemaker you ever laid eyes on. Lastly, she is eating solids now like an old pro--thank God!

I spent last weekend in Tahuya at my 'rents place with my gal friends. We had a great time, it was the first time I was away from Maize for more than one night and it went shockingly well. I did just fine, and she did even better. It was the first time Ryan had her by himself overnight. I thought for sure that by the 2nd night she'd miss me so much that she'd be inconsolable and I'd be getting a phone call from Ryan and I'd have to rush home. Alas, that did not happen and I'm happy that she did okay without me, but only slightly more so than I am sad that she doesn't need me like I thought. Anyway, us ladies had a fabulous time and polished off some more alcohol than I'd care to admit. But don't worry mom and dad, the cabin was in good hands and we didn't do any ear candles. Nothing scarier than combining ear candles, alcohol, and the cabin.

Ryan, Maize, and I spent most all of last week on a mad furniture quest. We did really well and capitalized on some serious sales. The most exciting item was a table and chairs set for Dolly Doodle, they arrive on Wednesday and I'll post a picture then. They're ultra modern and oh-so-chic.

Also, last week auntie Aliya came to visit. It was so fun to see her, even though it was brief. Maizey hasn't stopped talking about her since. She still can't believe that Aliya has such perfect natural curl.

Ryan and I are back to real life. He went back to work today and I'm back to school. We found out that he doesn't have to travel to Qatar--which he was planning to do later this month, so I am feeling majorly relieved about that. I found out that my measly 6 credit class requires a minimum of 40 hours a week of my time, so I was NOT relieved about that. I'm just happy I don't have any other classes this quarter.

Here are the standard end-of-post photos. Enjoy!

Christmas morning with mama and daddy.

She couldn't have cared less what was inside the paper.

Christmas day at Gma and Gpa Nisbet's house. I'm seeing a theme...

Ryan and Maize are both rocking their British duds.

The "kids" at dinner.

Post-dinner recovery.

Boxing day, and a lot of toys!

I love dorky pics like this.
This is that Maggie Simpson face I was talking about.
Posing with her best bud.
Maizey under arrest.

Shopping with auntie Al and her new toy from auntie Erika.

Lunch with auntie.

Pretty girls.

"I can't put my arms down!"

Tubbing in Tahuya. Jill joined us the next day.
No, we hadn't been drinking.


DeeDee said...

LANA! Never stop blogging! I love reading your posts! You are a great writer, and your daughter is a-d-o-r-a-b-l-e!

Georgia said...

that last picture is really a keeper of all of us!
I'm so happy I got to see Maizey in REAL LIFE before we left ! Even that short 1/2 hour on Friday has made me smile many times just thinking about her!

Snowed In said...

You may not be drunk in that picture, but you are DEFINITELY hung over. I love your posts, and checking the blogs is an important part of my day. Don't do it for you, do it for Maizey and all of her adoring fans.

Mo said...

Please keep writing Lana- your posts are so fun to read and well writen!!!!

Barb said...

candle wax, alcohol,the cabin, pretty freaking funny, Glad you had fun, friends are priceless. those 40 hours are worth the nursing career you will get. And you will make a great one. Thanks for the memories. gg

Beth Zarling said...

I get bummed when there's no blog! That last pic looks like many others taken at the cabin.

Coco said...

Ah, glad to see the Gebow family is STILL talking about the ear candles that I brought one year. Erika totally had that under control ;0)