Monday, June 21, 2010


So today marks the longest day of 2010. I just wish that the longest day of the year would be one where you can actually be outside enjoying it. Not inside with the curtains closed.

So far summer break has been sort of a bust. Maizey and I have both been sick with the devil's flu. It's lasted for weeks for both of us. I just went to the doctor today and found out what I already knew: bronchitis and asthma. But, the good news is that after using my inhaler once I'm already feeling some relief. Maizey is coming out of it too. So, at least we're on the mend.

But, I am looking forward to a summer of fun and relaxation. I'm so excited to get my read on. I've started The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo--me and everyone else in America, and I have three more waiting for me in my nightstand. I can't wait.

Ms. Moo is becoming my best friend and the funniest person I've ever met. She's also so considerate. When I cough she always asks me "Kay ma? Okay?" And, if she happens to see me cry she says "No cry anymore ma" and pats my face. It's so adorable. She also LOVES musicals. She would watch Annie all day everyday if she could. She is learning the words and sings along. And, when I'm trying to get her to fall sleep at night she always, inevitably, lays in bed for awhile singing to herself. She is starting a combo ballet and tap class in the middle of July. I don't really know what will be involved in a dance class for 2 1/2 year olds, but I know she'll love it regardless--if there is a mirror and music involved she'll be all about it.

As you probably know, yesterday was Father's Day. We had a fun morning (the rest of the day I was sick so Ryan didn't get the day he REALLY deserved), we took Maizey to Toy Story 3 and she LOVED it--but maybe slightly less than her daddy. He was very excited to share this with her. It was the first time she has been to a movie (except for the first few months of her life when we took her to Mom and Me at the Movies). She sat and watched the movie and ate popcorn and Skittles. Ryan had to hold her seat down the whole time because she was too little to keep it from folding back up. So cute. Anyway, I have to take a second to say what a wonderful father my daughter has. Ryan loves his baby so much. He is the perfect combination of supportive, loving, fun, and wise. He knows exactly how to make her happy and their bond is overwhelming to me.

On that note, I'm also a very lucky daughter. My dad defines the word supportive. Very few people are as unconditionally supportive as my dad. He gave me so much confidence growing up and I know that I wouldn't be as happy and content today without him. So, I love you dad. Happy father's day.

I don't think there is anything else to say????

Now! Photos!

Maizey's graduation from spring session of Little Gym. She got a medal and she wears it everywhere.

3 of my favs: my sweet Moo, spinach pizza, and my bed.

The wooden horse that my Gpa made. On one of the few nice days we've had.

My nursing school cohort on the last day of 2nd quarter.
My great friend Cara and I celebrating the last day of 2nd quarter.

Another attempt at getting a cute photo with my camera-hating hubby. I thought he looked so cute in this shirt. This was the best I could get... Maizey with her first set of big girl princess undies.

So I got home from the grocery store yesterday and this was what I found. My husband decorated my daughter like crazy clown. Maizey was so delighted by herself. She loves makeup so this was like a dream come true.
Mama's little clown.
This is a video of my girl all decked out. The video isn't great and I'm annoying as always. But, what-ev.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

I'm On a Roll!

WooHoo! You know nursing school is winding down if I'm posting twice in 1 day!

We had the pleasure of dear Auntie Aliya last weekend. And, always a pleasure to go to Uvillage. So I'm posting photos to prove it.

Maizey is starting to have vivid dreams--that include talking and laughing in her sleep (which is the cutest thing ever and it's how I woke up this morning--the best wake-up ever!!!), but on the flip-side, she's starting to have nightmares too. She just woke up from what was, presumably, a bad nightmare and is now in bedside me, at 11:20pm watching Monster's Inc. This would have been a really excellent post had my moo stayed peacefully asleep.

Anyway, here's a few photos to make up for it!

Breakfast with Auntie Al

Judy and Moo really had a connection. Judy said Maizey is an old soul. I agree with her.

Gram and Auntie My mom and Aliya's mom joined us for breakfast.

I was a very happy lady to have 2 of my fave girls in one room!

Attitude at Red Mango. Those teeth are off the charts adorable.
Uncle Travie too! I know she looks mad, but this is actually her camera smile. We're working on it.

This is me very sad that my daughter won't take a photo with me.

Leave it to Auntie to give moo lipstick to wear. Um, Chanel lipstick. Dangerous.

Maizey Grooves

This is just a typical Friday night at our house, actually it's a typical M-Sun night. The girl loves to dance.