Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Quick hello

Hey. This has to be quick. I'm in the middle of trying to get caught up on days and days of studying that were robbed from me by the stomach flu (as Liz Lemon would say--blergh). Oh, and Maizey fell off the bed today, right in front of me--she's so fast. She fell head first onto the hardwood floors and when I got to the other side of the bed she was laying on the floor on her back. I thought she was paralyzed. It was, officially, the worst/scariest moment of my life. I picked her up and realized that aside from being totally freaked out, she was okay. I think that I suffered way worse than she did. After a hysterical phone call to the pediatrician, I took her to get seen just to be safe. My pediatrician is amazing, she said "who cried more, mom or the baby?" And, it made me feel so understood. And, it made me realize that they probably have visits like this at least once a day. A quick "props" to Maizey's pediatricians over at Harbour Pointe Everett Clinic, she sees Lynette Wacholz and Dr. Zaret there. They are amazing, honestly, amazing. When I called freaked out this morning they just told me to bring her in, and when we got there, they got us straight back. Plus, I feel like not only do they provide medical care for my baby, they provide a ton of emotional/mental care for me--which is so helpful/comforting.

Anyway, my girl is being her lovely, crazy self, despite quite a big fall today. I don't understand how babies are so resilient, I can guarantee that if I fell off a bed today I would not be happy and playing. I couldn't even give her Tylenol because the docs didn't want it to mask potential symptoms. She's the happiest girl in the world, she never complains, and she's all mine.

Here are a couple of videos of Maizey's new laugh, she does it ALL the time, it's adorable and nuts--just like her. Also, we had a family dinner last Saturday night, and as always auntie Ricky was ready with the camera.

This is Darren trying to sneak some chocolate. Soooo cute.

Pretty cousin Harper.

The cutest skirt (and baby) in the world, courtesy of auntie--who else?
I don't have a pic of the entire outfit, but surely you can appreciate the recurring theme of tulle. It's ridiculous!
Darren's belly button.
They look exactly alike!
Here is that crazy laugh...

Maizey waving "hi" and sporting her new swimsuit.

Another video of her crazy laugh. I think that this swimsuit will leave crazy tan lines with its huge bow.

Well, this post turned out not be as quick as I'd hoped. Oh well.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I glimpsed our future today...

and it doesn't look good. I've sorta known for awhile that we are destined to end up as "that family" on Nanny 911 (I'm actually more of a Supernanny fan, myself). I think anyone who has met our lovable, but poorly trained, dog Porter knows this. Neither Ryan or I are disciplinarians, in fact, we're both sorta pushovers. On top of that, we have the world's most silly-crazy, aggressive, and opinionated daughter. And, on top of that, I like my sleep--so I'll do whatever allows me the most of it, including spooning my daughter until she is 13 if that is what is necessary. Then, on the tippity-top, I'm not really a "self-starter." I have trouble doing anything but just hanging out and playing with Maizey when we're together. So, for me to get a structured routine going is kinda optimistic. I mean, she has a routine, it's just that it's not a very good one, and it usually includes: a bath, a book, a bottle, and an intense hour (or so) of sleep negotiations. The negotiations usually wrap-up when Maizey starts what I call her "drunk crawl." Where, because she is so over-tired, she crawls around the bed aimlessly and falls over and gets up and falls over again until she falls over for the last time, so exhausted that she can't get up again and passes out like a crazy, drunk frat boy who doesn't want the party to end.

So, you're wondering, how did I glimpse our future? Well, it was during one of my ultra-motivated moments today while Maizey was asleep and I was watching Nanny 911. The poor family had 4 children, including two toddler boys. It was in those boys that I saw Maizey's crazy eyes, the look that she gets when she's really over-tired but screaming and laughing and bouncing around. The look she has after I've been trying to get her to sleep for an hour, or more. The look she has when she's pulling my hair and saying "dadadadadadadada" over and over. I love my little diva, even if she's hard to put to bed, but those little toddler boys on TV scared the ba-jeebers out of me, they scared Maizey right out of our bed and into her crib (starting next quarter). I know my sister is somewhere reading this, thinking "yeah, right" but I will really start being more structured and disciplined starting next quarter (which is just over a month away), and Maizey will start sleeping in her crib. Life feels a little crazy when you are sure that your 9.5month old is manipulating you.

It's going to be hard, but it has to happen. What I'm going to miss the most is crawling into bed and snuggling up to my warm, little baby. When, even if she is in the deepest of sleeps, she reaches her arm out and feels for my face and then reorients her body to mine, so that she can have her feet against my belly. And, sometimes, on the most special nights, when she holds my face in her hot, little hands and sleeps that way until she wakes up in her quiet and calm happy, smiley, morning-mood. Ugh, she's too cute.

This is what it requires to get her to fall asleep.

Our trip to the Children's Museum with Auntie Beth and Cousin Harper.

Aggressive? No, not my baby.

Getting an up-close look at the crazy lights.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

It's February???

Hi. When I tell you I can't believe it's February, I mean it. I cannot fathom how close Maizey's first birthday is. I feel like it was just February 2008.

A couple of things:

-I skinned a cat yesterday, in case you hadn't heard. It was awful, but the worst part really was the anticipation. The 2nd worst part was sawing off the tail. The 3rd worst part is now every time I see Allie I think about what she looks like underneath her skin. The 4th worst part was pulling the big, heavy, dead, drenched cat out of the sterile bag by it's hind legs. The 5th worst part was when my instructor accidentally broke one of the cats legs and we heard it.

-We are switching to disposable diapers...I know, I feel terrible, but we have to. I can't possibly clean another poopy cloth diaper it's disgusting and time consuming. She is almost grown out of the cloths anyway and we were going to need to buy the 2nd round, but we're just going to use disposable. I'm so relieved.

-Ryan is holding Maizey on his lap right now and trying to talk to me. Every time he starts talking, Maizey starts talking--and louder than him. It's sososo funny/cute.

-Both of Maizey's top teeth have broken through. She's still pretty miserable and drooling up a storm!

-She's so mobile now. Ubermobile. She's not happy unless she is standing up. She can still only stand holding onto something, but she walks all over the house that way! Walking is right around the corner.

-I'm kicking ass and taking names in Anatomy. I got the highest grade on our last exam. It's the hardest class I've ever had (just because of the sheer volume of work), so I'm thrilled to be pulling it off.

-Maizey is starting to whine, it's time for a shower and then bed!

Mama and Baby bird
Cute (minus me in the background).

So excited about the swtich to disposable.

She loves the puffs.

And the auntie.

And the dog.

Maizey and her posse.