Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The happiest sick baby ever!

So Maizey has been pretty sick with a cold for the last few days. Yesterday was the worst. She was mostly just tired all day (several 2+ hour naps). Then as it was coming close to bedtime she got CRAZY! She was laughing non-stop at just about anything. In retrospect, I realize she was probably overtired and maybe getting a really sick baby hyper wasn't such a good idea because she slept awful last night. She is a baby who NEVER complains and she cried off and on all last night and would wake up and scream if I even moved an inch! Neither her or I slept very well. Anyway, to my point, I got a video of Ryan dancing her around. I didn't think to get the camera until the end of it all, so this is her after she had calmed down. It was so cute. I love my nutty, little baby. I'm so lucky.


Beth Zarling said...

The baby is cute, but I think the fact that your husband is beat boxing and making her dance is cuter! We are lucky to have these boys as baby daddies.

katyellison said...

Just found your blog via blogs of note.
This is funny. There have been a few times my son (9.5 months) has broken into hysterical laughter over the littlest thing. And the very next day, he's always sick. Very odd!

aasif said...

Hi lana
i liked the look of your blog and i promise to myself that i will surely go through it once i am done with my exams.
i myself like babies and am a family person.
i would like to interact with those people who will get me a hint about how to strengthen our relationships.

Ladii KT Swag Team said...

Thiz babi iz sooooooooo CUTE!!!!!!!!!

xmiamigirl said...


i was looking through your pictures and i must say you have a beautiful daughter..may God bless her.

im currently pregnant, 11 weeks and 2 days. maybe you could give me some helpful tips (;