Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I keep telling myself...

that today I'm going to update the blog. But, I can't ever seem to make it happen. Between school, an overwhelmingly fun and silly 2 1/2 year old, and my mouth (which is falling apart), it's hard to find time.

There is a lot to share. Unfortunately, today won't be the day that happens. However, I am just going to post the things that I think you should see. Some videos and some photos that highlight some of the best of the past 3 months. Okay a lot of photos, and in no particular order. Enjoy!

She's just too cute. I had to share this from this morning...

So maybe it's TMI, and maybe one day she'll hate me for it, but I'm just so proud of her...

Family photos by Erika.

My sister is quite the talented photographer. Here is the Capitol Building in DC. Ryan with Lego Woody on our trip to Disneyworld. Maizey and her cousin Cash, on our last summer trip to the cabin.Snotty, and in more ways than one...
We had a lot of fun on our sissy trip, even if there was some drama and moments where I felt like this. I love her.
Richie's Wedding in DC. Man alive, I love this boy. SO happy for him.Maizey representin'
My lovely cousin on a night out on the town--DC style.

Getting her toenails painted. I'm in love with Ben Feldmand, my cousin's VERY famous friend. Too bad I'm married and he's gay, or we'd be a match made in heaven, I just know it. Bringing West Coast Classy to our nation's capitol. My boys. Cousin Rich and Jon.
Ryan stylin' in a Chevy Malibu. We upgraded to get this fancy car. ;-)

I love this man. Maizey on a hike, she yelled "I did it" when she got to the top of this hill.
Her 3rd Salmon Days.

Ryan at his dream school.
She's really got the smiling-for-the-camera thing down. Very natural.

Maizey and Harper on a walk. So cute together.
The Gebows, looking east coast awesome.

My lovely auntie Soo, or as Maizey calls her "Harper's grammy."
Children of the corn hugs.
Hay ride.
Getting her face painted at the opening of the new South Lake Union Park. Hosted by my amazing friends at the Adventure School.
This dude and I became fast friends in the bar of my hotel in DC. Our friendship was built on matchinr Ray Bans. He was wearing khaki shorts with this blazer and tie. How chic. How intentionally chic.
Auntie convinced Maize to swim in the frigid water of the canal (even in August). She loved it.
Pretty Girl.
Richard's new in-laws must have been so impressed.
What I love about this photo is that it was taken at the Republican Club of Capitol Hill, that's why I'm doing my best George Bush Jr impression.
Pretty girl's not-so-pretty mama.
Standing in the center of DC!! This was on our backstage, all access tour of the Capitol Building. Thanks to the Salb family for making it happen! Ryan enjoying a glass of frozen (1000calorie) butterbeer.
Erika dissing the GOP elephant. We Gebows really know how to class up a joint!
I live for sweet kisses.

Our balcony in Flo-rida.
Our new baby, Amos (on the right), with his cousin Cash.
Acrobats at the monument. Me.
My sister.
There is that natural smile again. Aliya and Travis looking marvelous on the way to the "Pre-Hoe Down Throw Down."
The cabin squeezed in all of Aliya's nearest and dearest ladies for the pre pre hoedown throwdown. We're throwing up 101010s here, in case you were wondering.
It was amazing to have these girls be in the same place with me, all at once. It had been 7 years since that had happened. At Aliya's Hoedown/Committment Ceremony. She looked beautiful.
Maizey was so excited to be at the Space Needle. Now, anytime she sees it she shouts "Space Needle ma! I been there!"
The committers on their way to the elevators up to the ceremony!
Our family, waiting in line to get to the top!
Maizey was a ladybug for her school Halloween party last Friday night! A very cute ladybug!
She bobbed for apples...
Danced in the disco room...
and just really rocked the whole ladybug thing. She hid under the table when it was time to go.
For teick-or-treating Moo dressed up as a Rooster, we went around Nan and Pop's neighborhood and she made out like a bandit.
We made a bed in the living room, watched a movie, and stayed up late eating candy. I don't know who had more fun, Maizey or Ryan and I.