Tuesday, February 3, 2009

It's February???

Hi. When I tell you I can't believe it's February, I mean it. I cannot fathom how close Maizey's first birthday is. I feel like it was just February 2008.

A couple of things:

-I skinned a cat yesterday, in case you hadn't heard. It was awful, but the worst part really was the anticipation. The 2nd worst part was sawing off the tail. The 3rd worst part is now every time I see Allie I think about what she looks like underneath her skin. The 4th worst part was pulling the big, heavy, dead, drenched cat out of the sterile bag by it's hind legs. The 5th worst part was when my instructor accidentally broke one of the cats legs and we heard it.

-We are switching to disposable diapers...I know, I feel terrible, but we have to. I can't possibly clean another poopy cloth diaper it's disgusting and time consuming. She is almost grown out of the cloths anyway and we were going to need to buy the 2nd round, but we're just going to use disposable. I'm so relieved.

-Ryan is holding Maizey on his lap right now and trying to talk to me. Every time he starts talking, Maizey starts talking--and louder than him. It's sososo funny/cute.

-Both of Maizey's top teeth have broken through. She's still pretty miserable and drooling up a storm!

-She's so mobile now. Ubermobile. She's not happy unless she is standing up. She can still only stand holding onto something, but she walks all over the house that way! Walking is right around the corner.

-I'm kicking ass and taking names in Anatomy. I got the highest grade on our last exam. It's the hardest class I've ever had (just because of the sheer volume of work), so I'm thrilled to be pulling it off.

-Maizey is starting to whine, it's time for a shower and then bed!

Mama and Baby bird
Cute (minus me in the background).

So excited about the swtich to disposable.

She loves the puffs.

And the auntie.

And the dog.

Maizey and her posse.


Special E said...



Love the video. So sweet, so spastic, so special!!!

Beth Zarling said...

Well I am thinking of changing to cloth. If I do, we'll just be changing spots envirnmentally, so no harm, no foul!
That cat stuff is really gross!

al said...


Maizey looks so much like Ryan in the picture of her and Ricky, it's crazy!

<3 sorry you had to skin a cat, but :) that you are doing so well in Anatomy. I am so proud of my student/mama. You go lady.

jon and nichole said...

so proud of you for going to school, being a mom and kicking butt at it all...you are truly amazing lana...so congrats!!

i love how freaking cute she is...i think that when both you and i actually have some free time, maizey and ella need to hang out, become friends...deal?

Jessica Zevely said...

Wow, I really have been slacking on my daily blog watching! Maizey is amazing and you guys are the cutest little family ever. I LOVE her amazing big blue eyes..and those cute little teeth. I want to eat her up! Love, Auntie Jess

jessica corotan said...

i know time flies right! i can't believe she's almost a year. i love hearing about her little personality. she is adorable. love that i get to know her thru your posts. xoxo

al said...

lana, i am ready for another post. sincerely, your daughter's auntie in the east.

Alex the Girl said...

Think about it this way...you'll be conserving water by not doing so much laundry, lowering the amount of detergents being used by the weekly wash, decreasing the amount of plastics being used by not using so much laundry detergent, and keeping the electric costs down by not having to wash a multitude of dirty cloth diphers as well as soiled clothing that wouldn't have become as soiled as quickly. Hope that eases the enviorment guilt! By the way, they make green diaphers now. (I swear I'm mispelling diaphers

Mike said...
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Ashley Bruggeman said...

I love the pic of Maizey with her posse!