Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Dirty 30 and Other Adventures.

So, it's happened. I've turned 30. And, to make matters worse, the "Terrible Twos" do exist. Actually, being 30 has been pretty great. The pressure is off and I'm ready to embrace my greys (no, not really). I've had such a fun summer. I've gone out more with my friends in the past month than I have since I was in my early 20s. We've spent ample time at the cabin and I've even managed to get a little tan.

Maizey being in the t-twos has been simultaneously stressful and exhausting, but with a little dash of hilarious that seems to make it just barely bearable. Luckily I have such an amazing support team that I can get a break when I need it. She's super opinionated and has learned that crying and whining can get you just about anything you want, or at least she thinks it does. She even will turn to me and say "Maizey crying, mama hold me" to get me to pick her up when she's being a stinker. The most hilarious/insane comment came when she kicked me in the face while we were playing in bed and then said to me (in a snotty tone) "mama need Tylenol now?" She only wants to wear pink dresses, but will allow other colored dresses sometimes, and pants only very occasionally. She always asks to see her poop after I change her diaper. She WILL NOT sit on a potty anymore. She says "excuse me" after she burps or sneezes or coughs, but says "gas" after she farts--sort of just to let you know in case you might be wondering. Her favorite foods are oatmeal, eggs, pizza, chocolate, and lollipops (which can either be lollipops or popsicles). She is giving out unsolicited "love you ma" and "love you dad" comments, which break my heart. She hates the car when it's hot. She wants to do everything "maself." She's super into dinosaurs and is beginning to learn the names of the different dinosaurs, super into her dance/tap class (even though I hate it), and super duper into her kitty ("lallie cat"). She's sick again, for probably the 3rd or 4th time since I've been out of school, so that sucks. But, she's starting school/day-care in September 3 days a week and we're very excited for her. She loves to be with kids more than anything.

Summer activities have included: spray parks, petting zoos, live concerts (um, Tim Noah for example!!!), free kids movie Tuesdays at the movie theater, movies under the stars at the park, lots of cabin time, hiking, 2 sailing trips, kayaking, Little Gym and Tap/Ballet classes, lots of gardening with nan, and lots and lots of time at the mall with mommy and auntie(Nordstrom sale!!!!). We've had a great summer so far, full of super fun activities, but I really miss school. Actually, I should say I really miss adult time. Actually, I should say I really miss me time.

Ryan and I will get plenty of quiet, adult time soon. We're going to Florida (um my husband loves Harry Potter and has wanted to go since the Wizarding World of Harry Potter opened up--and Hawaii was totally booked except for old, ghetto condos, so to Florida it is). I will be going to DC the weekend before for my cousin's wedding. It should be a blast, a good portion of my family will be there and the wedding is at the Capitol Hill club--very fancy. But, I'm nervous. I haven't been on a vacation without Maizey for more than 3 days. I will be away from her for 10 days in a row and I'm not sure it won't hurt a little. She's staying with my parents and Ryan's parents so she'll be in good hands. I'm hoping that after a LONG summer of staying home with her that 10 days will be no problem. It certainly sounds good to me right now.

Okay, it's time to go nu-night. Here's a few photos of my fun nights out, and be sure to scroll down to see even more updates!!! Go me!

Sailing with the family on Elliott Bay. Tap and ballet class. Practicing while we wait for class to start.

So stinkin' cute. My 30th. Cake time.
My "special" sign at BalMar.
90210 style.

I heart him.

Can you tell?

Not sober. Erika and Amy.

Brothers (again).
On our way out for the night.

The BP Eclipse premiere--we're very important people. Team Edward and Team Jacob.
My friend Connie from school is the singer in a band we went and saw. So fun. The band is so good--check 'em out:

The funny face series:
Connie on stage.
Aww. Fun.
Cara's last night before she left for the summer. Another reason I'm looking forward to being back in school.
Celebrating another successful quarter.

Petting Zoo

If you haven't been to the petting zoo at Forest Park in Everett, you should. It's free. What more can I say? They also have an awesome spray park. We've been twice so far this summer. The second time Evening Magazine was filming there. Maizey was in several scenes on TV running around in the background. It was very cute.
Little pig cooling off. Pork stew.

Maizey found her favorite goat both times. Baby Mooshu.
Just being her silly, diva self.

Maizey and Mooshu, again.
The sweetest, little calf ever.

I told Maizey she can feel good about herself when she goes to the petting zoo, she doesn't eat these animals (or any animals). The other kids do and they shouldn't be allowed to pet them. ;-)

4th of July in Tahuya

Let me just tell the story of our 4th of July celebration through photos. A lot of photos. In no particular order thanks to Blogger formatting...

Though I don't understand the appeal, the hit the buoy with a rock contest remains one of the cabin's most popular activities.
Even the kiddos get in on it.Erika, red wine and babysitting by large bodies of water don't mix. The balloon house at Tahuya days. Very cool.
Sparklers and Toddlers? My dad would not be pleased.
But both the girls did a good job.
Though this swing is new, generations of Gebows have swung from this very tree.
Alcohol+Cabin Fever= Interesting Ideas

My brother and his wife (Brion and Mistilyn) sailed up to the cabin and stayed on their boat and took us for a trip. Here is there beautiful boat.
The sailors in my family.
The non-sailors.

Docking the boat in Hoodsport for the street fair.Jim, Ryan, and I went to the street fair in the aluminum boat. And got wet. Next time we'll be on the big boat.
Brothers (in-law). Ryan was a hero and wore my soaking wet sweatshirt and I wore his less wet sweatshirt. Jon and the kids in Hoodsport.

Maizey, bringing glamour to the beach (and everywhere she goes for that matter).
And yoga chic in the front yard.
Daddy giving moo a ride at Tahuya Days.
Though Grandma and Grandpa Gebow died several years ago and we already had big memorials, it took us until this weekend to spread their ashes and get real closure. We all told a story and then we all spread a scoop of their combined ashes and a flower into the canal. It was really lovely. This is exactly what I want done for me when I pass.
Then we told Cliff stories. His ashes were placed in a memorial stone beside the campfire--Cliff style.
Sandals and Socks guys. My brother and my dad. So very northwest. Maizey on the deck. Cute.
Cousins. Ari is Maizey's idol.
Cash is Maizey's bff.

Toddlers racing at Shelley and Jon's. We didn't get the jeans and no t-shirt memo.The blue is genetic. The pink is coincidence.

Maizey's favorite part of Tahuya Days.Harper. Very festive for the BIG parade.
Closing down the parade.
Darren. Such a little ham.Maizey in the hot tub. I love that little neck and back. I could just eat her up!!