Wednesday, November 26, 2008

7 months!

Hello all! Well, our little girl hit the seven month mark yesterday! Can you believe it? I remember being 7 months pregnant like it was yesterday--truly. I didn't ever think this day would come for me (I didn't think I'd ever get pregnant, let alone have my own adorable 7 month old), and I'm so excited that it has. So far, this is Maizey's best age. I know I keep saying that, but, she's just so animated and fun! This morning she was so groggy and then Porter walked in the bedroom and the moment she saw him she went from being groggy to crazy! She smacked her arms down and screamed/laughed. It was insanely adorable. We're both just getting over being sick. Maizey handled her cold like a champ--she was hardly fussy and still slept really well. She never complained that I followed her around with a suction bulb, it turned out to be a really fun toy for her--she would bite it like and ice cream cone.
We got her Christmas outfit this week. I bought one a couple of weeks ago and it was metallic brocade and edgy baby, but it didn't feel right. So I went looking again and then I found it this week. It's much frillier and traditional, but for Christmas I decided I want my baby to look like a baby. Not edgy. My cousin Beth told my mom, who told me, that they don't make baby clothes anymore--they make adult clothes for babies. I think that is really true. Most times I think it's cute to dress them like little fashionistas, but sometimes you just want your baby to be a baby. Anyway, I can't wait to post photos of Maize in her special outfit, but you're going to have to wait until closer to Christmas time...

So, I'm done breastfeeding. I was so happy to get my body back this week, and then within 1 day of "getting my body back," I really got it back--um let's just say that I slept with a heating pad and a bottle of Ibuprofen last night for the first time in over a year and a half. It turns out I don't want my body back. I'll continue pumping thanks. Unfortunately, it's over now. I'm back to being regular me...buying Costco jars of Advil Liquigels and eating only for one. Bu-bye donuts and dessert. It was nice knowing you. Oh's the holidays, right? I guess I can live it up for another month or so under the guise of the holidays. Phew.

We had the Zarlings over last weekend. Harper is getting so big and adorable, she's old enough now that she "gets" Maizey and their interaction was so fun to watch. We ever think they may be starting to look alike--afterall they both have the "Gebow" eyes.

Enjoy some photos below, we're heading down to W.Sea tonight to get some new photos taken for our Christmas card. Props to cousin Carmen who already got her cards out--that is amazing!

Maizey playing the pans. I love my Gymboree Play book on days when I'm like "what do I do to entertain a baby?" BTW, that's her dress in the background--this is not an outfit:-)

Harper and Maizey. HEADS!

Harper was happy to play with Maizey.

And maybe a little scared...

Maizey can be a little intense!

Don't they look alike?
With pacifiers:

Cutie baby.
Crazy baby!

Just waking up from a nap yesterday. She always wakes up silly happy but with only one sock on. It's one of the great mysteries...
Utter happiness.

OOh. There is our other dog. I know you thought we got rid of her since she never appears on this blog. It's only because she is always right in this spot.

My dad called me out and told me that I said I'd post this video, but never did. I just didn't think people wanted anymore videos/photos of Maizey in her exersaucer. I promise we don't keep her chained to it. This is her getting crazy every time Porter gets close. When I say she loves that dog, I REALLY mean she LOVES that dog!!!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Doodle Bug

I guess I'm sorta out of interesting things to do/say/think. I'm totally that woman that just talks about her kids and thinks everyone must be so delighted by it. I catch myself doing this in class all the time, and when I sit down to post on my blog it's the same thing. I guess it's time to resign myself to mom jeans and a minivan. I was so convinced that I'd be a hip, young, cool mom-- you know the one who wears heels and hoops. But, it's not lookin' good for me. When I get dressed in the morning I just ask myself "would I feel okay if someone came to the door and I was wearing this?" If the answer is yes then I know I'm good. I should ask myself "if Nate Berkus came to the door and I was wearing this, would I feel okay?" The answer to that will probably never be yes. But, I did fill out a form to be on the Oprah show a couple of weeks ago, so maybe I should start working on it. The show topic was: Burdened by Bare Floors? Yes! We need rugs and I hope Nate comes to help us.

I think I'm pretty much done pumping. I'm down to once a day now and I'm not producing much milk anymore. I think I'll just keep going like this until I run out or produce so little that it isn't worth it. My guess is that will come in the next couple of weeks and then Maizey's little immune system will be on it's own (just in time for cold and flu season). Speaking of the immune system, do you want me to tell you how it works? About all the enzymes and cytokines and extravasation. I could. Are you impressed? I am. Anyway, it's not like the breast milk has provided her with an iron-clad immune system so far, she's sick right this moment. Runny nose, watery eyes--she looks so pathetic I just want to lay in bed with her all day and kiss her. So, that is pretty much what we did today.

Speaking of Maizey...she is my doodle bug. I LOVE LOVE her. But, she has started kicking me in her sleep--a lot!! This was a term I'd heard parents use all my life, and apparently I'm even guilty of having been a "kicker" but I think this was Allah's (I'm an equal opportunity worshipper) way of telling me to kick her little bottom out of my bed and into her own. Oh, if I didn't tell you, yes, we were trying to get her to sleep in her room, but, no, we suck and couldn't take the sad sad crying. It was like she was shouting "save me mama! Save me daddy!" So, until the kicking, I had resigned myself to the "family bed." Can't someone just work this out for me? Can't someone come and just do all the dirty work? Auntie Jessica? Can you come and get Maizey to sleep in her own bed? You're like Nanny 911 to me.

What else? Oh, I don't think I mentioned that my mom did find out she needed to have chemo. The cancer is gone, but this reduces her risk of recurrence down to 5%, so it's like an insurance policy. So it's more like happy chemo than sad, scary chemo. Right mom? Don't you feel happy to be having chemo??? :-) Anyway she had her first treatment on Wednesday and so far, so good. She's felt tired, but I think she's just being lazy ;-). We will see over the next few days how things go, sometimes it can take a few days for the side effects to kick in.

Okay. I'm off to go eat peppermint ice cream, yeah you heard me. You're just jealous. But, you're right, I'm not really eating for two anymore so things need to change. The idea of not being able to eat donuts scares the living daylights out of me. Is this what life was like before pregnancy and baby? I'd better get pregnant again fast so I can get my donut on. That's right. Uh-Na-nah-na-nah.

What does "living daylights" actually mean?

So happy that she can stand up in her crib. On her good days she can even pull herself up! She only sort of looks like Ryan.

It hurts so good.

Look who I just happened to stumble upon? She must have walked into the closet and climbed up all by herself.

OOh, what do we have here? It's my diaper bag! Maybe I'll just reach in and see what I can get.

OOh, Sofie Le Girafe! I'm only supposed to have this when I'm out of the house because Porter thinks it's his and mom doesn't want him to have an $18 chew toy.

Maybe I'll just drop it over here for him to have.

Bye Bye Sofie!
Yes, when she feels like it she feeds herself. Most times she just likes to keep mama and daddy busy. Notice the watery eyes and runny nose. Poor baby. I was getting ready in the bathroom the other day and Maizey was in the bedroom. She was starting to fuss because she was bored. Then all the sudden she started to laugh. This is what I found when I came in. Porter really is her BFF. He's the gentle giant. Such a good boy.

A minute, or so, of silly cuteness.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Small, Medium, Large

I wanted to look again at these progressions and compare them to today.
May 3rd 2008. 8 days old.


June 26th 2008. 2 months old.


November 15 2008. Nearly 7 months old.

It's kind of hard to tell because the insert isn't in the seat anymore, but you can definitely see the progress. It's crazy because that all felt so long ago, and also so recent. It's a bizarre feeling to watch your baby grow so quick and not be able to reconcile whether you can't wait to watch them grow up or whether you want them to stay little.

Not a lot else to blog on. Maizey is literally moments from crawling, tonight we made a ton of progress, it's like she just "got it" all of the sudden. She's healing beautifully and after looking back at photos, as recent as 2 weeks old, I realize that I don't miss the face bling. At all. Back then I would see a photo of Maize and I wouldn't notice the hemangioma. Now I look at those same photos and all I see is a big, red tumor on my little sweetie's beautiful face. I plan to advocate hard for the removal of those awful, little (and sometimes large) buggers. There is no reason to wait and I think it's so super lame of any physician to say "let's wait." It impacts families and babies in such a negative way and it's not necessary.

Okay, I'm stepping off my soap box.

Well, after a win-so-close-I-could-taste-it loss for the Seahawks today, Ryan and I said goodbye to Qwest field until 2009. We sold the rest of our season tickets so today was our last game. I'm tired and exhausted because of the emotional roller coaster (and the 1000 steps it takes to get to our seats--hopefully the crappy season will lead to better seats next season) so I'm off to bed, but not before a few more cutie photos.


Maize and her BFF. Ryan got this interaction on video, I'll post later.Squishing her face against the mesh wall of her baby prison.Yes, she's sitting on her knees like a big(gish) girl.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Bandages off!

Maizey's steri-strips came off yesterday, so we put a bandaid on instead. I called the nurse and she said the the wound didn't need to be covered at all--so we took the bandaid off. What an interesting way to start off a blog post--I bet I've got your attention now. Anyway, the incision is healing pretty well, but it's not as clean as one would hope. I'm sure it's that way because Maize rubs her eyes like crazy when she is sleepy and I think she probably rubbed the incision more than a handful of times--just that I witnessed. I'm sure it will heal fine and be barely noticeable eventually. Here are some photos of how it looks--sorry they're fuzzy, my old camera has lost the ability to focus!
BTW, wish us luck. Tonight is Maizey's first night in her crib. I'm uber nervous.
This is just her looking ridiculously cute this morning. Ryan lays her in bed like this while we're getting ready in the morning.

Incision shots...I hate you mom, but look at my teeth!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Moving right along

Little Maizey baby is moving right along. Things are still looking really good around her incision. It will be exciting to see the bandage come off on Tuesday, I'll definitely post some more photos then. She's growing up so fast it's making me crazy. She's definitely got her own agenda these days, and the abilities to put her ideas into action. This point was highlighted this morning when she wiggled her little body off the couch and onto the floor. There is nothing worse than hearing a thud followed by the sound of a screaming baby, you know that whatever you find won't be good. Ryan and I shared equal responsibility on that one, we both walked out of the room "just for a second" and that is all it took. We felt like terrible parents, but we won't ever let that happen again. Luckily, Maizey was pretty unfazed and there is no obvious injury. Another example: yesterday we were taking a family shower (something we really love to do) and in one swift move Maizey grabbed the shower handle, turned the water to BOILING hot, grabbed the soap dish, and dropped it onto the floor (shattering into a bunch of teeny porcelain pieces)--all while in her dad's arms! Yes, she was able to pull this off while being held/restrained! Then while I was trying to pick up the pieces on the floor (and laughing hysterically) she peed all over Ryan, who was forced to stand frozen in the shower so he didn't cut his foot! It was quite a spectacle. Again, luckily Maizey wasn't touched by the hot hot water, Ryan was the one who bore the brunt of the spectacle (nearly burned by water and peed on). Anyway, we're learning that we have one squirrely little mamacita on our hands.

I know I'm a little late on the trend, but, Pandora is amazing. I finally just got my station going, and I'm constantly being surprised at how my computer is psychic. It's constantly choosing music that I love, by artists I love even though I didn't even list that artist as one of my faves--it just knew. Except once it chose a Third Eye Blind song for me--which was really unexpected and weird. It's so wonderful.

Maizey hasn't nursed in, like, 2 weeks or so. I think I can officially say that she doesn't nurse anymore. It breaks my heart. The girl has to have her space, I wish she was a little less independent. I would cuddle her all day if she let me. I think that her need to be independent is why she won't nurse anymore. Oh well. I'm still pumping. I plan to pump until I start anatomy in January--then I'm DONE! I do wish I could give her breast milk through the cold/flu season so she'd get my antibodies, but I can't put anatomy off another quarter!

Okay, I gotta run. Here are some photos for you to enjoy! I don't know if people get bored of seeing photos of Maize, but I can't possibly imagine how that would be possible.

So, maybe it's a strangulation hazard, but she LOVES the measuring tape. If she's really upset I just give her the measuring tape and all is well!

This is after the shower spectacle.

Daddy had a surprise for mommy.

It was a good one!

Getting ready for a trip to Costco. Georgia should recognize the hat and the dress!

She's pretty good at sitting up, but she still takes a spill from time to time. I just happened to be taking a photo at the very right moment to catch this one! She cetainly looks cute when she's falling!

She LOVES her Porter! She was pretty bummed that the Seahawks lost again today, but she was happy that they were playing better than they had been. I think she said "at least we didn't get our asses handed to us this week" or something...
I know I have a lot of videos of Maize being crazy in her exer-saucer, but it's always so cute. Oh, Ryan did wake up and he came out moments after I stopped taping.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Don't tell...

Maizey she just had surgery. I don't think she knows. She's literally CRAZY! Here are pics of her progress, she was REALLY swollen this morning, but looking much better tonight.
Can't you see the crazy look in my eye???NUTS-O!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

That was easy...

Well we're home and hemangioma free. The surgery went fabulously. The doc was able to completely remove the hemangioma, he doesn't anticipate any redness to be left behind--the scar will still be pink though. As of right now she has quite a bit of swelling and this is pulling down the corner of her eye, but the doc assures me that is just temporary and should go away over time. As for Miss Maize, she seems to be handling this like an old pro. She was groggy when she first came to us after surgery, but after a little nap she perked right up and was being silly and playful as usual. She isn't eating much and her voice is really hoarse from the breathing tube, but that's really the only way we can tell she had surgery today! It's been really weird and exciting to see her without her pretty, little red spot. Here are some photos from our exciting day. Ryan convinced me to take stills with the video camera, he said that it had more pixels than our regular camera. Well, that may be the case but the pics I took turned out really grainy, so sorry about the poor quality!
**Oh, we want to throw out mad props to Georgia--who is officially the most thoughtful person I know, for leaving a dinner gift certificate on our door. It was there when we got home with a note that said not to worry about having to make dinner. It's so considerate, and we will DEFINITELY be using it tonight. You're amazing and we love you!

Waiting to be taken back.

Checking out the fishies.

Looking adorable in her hospital gown.

Showing off her "toothy pegs." That is what Gpa and Gma Nisbet call them!

Groggy after surgery, but so happy to be eating!

Asleep in Grammy's arms. Her doc did an amazing job!

Kisses from daddy.

We were all feeling happy to be done with this!

Getting dressed to go home!

Home and back to being crazy. She passed out again after this!

THE BIG NEWS!!!! We were all so happy about Obama's victory! I'm so happy that my little girl gets to grow up with Obama as her first President (we aren't really counting the first 9 months of Bush being in office).