Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Well, let's get right to it. You can see in my title that this post is going to be about options. Whose options? Maizey's options. So, probably in the last week, Maizey has learned that she has options. Diaper change: optional. Going to bed: optional. Sitting nicely in the bathtub: optional. In the last week I've become an expert in infant wrestling. Does that sound bad? Well, you try putting a diaper on the wiggliest, little girl in the world--these days it takes two adults to one baby. I'm hoping it's just another phase. She's also teething pretty intensely again. Those top teeth have got to be just around the corner.

The other big news? Maizey waves hi and bu-bye. Actually she waves anytime she's happy or sees an animal, in addition to hi and bu-bye. She spent the weekend at Gma and Gpa Gebow's house and came home knowing how to wave. Maybe I'll send her there to learn to sleep in her crib! Anyway, it's the cutest thing in the world, and it brought me more joy than I could've possibly anticipated! We'll walk out into the living room and she'll see the kitty and wave at her with a huge smile on her face. I want to eat her up! The thing is that her "wave" looks more like a weird cultish salute than a wave. But, I know what she means, and that is all that matters!

Okay, I have to go now because I have to read 20 pages and then take a quiz online before I go to bed! When I tell you that I can't make plans it's true. I won't be able to see anyone until April, so don't take it personally. But, I'd rather be with you then learning all the bony prominences. Seriously.

Auntie Erika bought Maizey a whole new wardrobe! You'll see this hat often. I know it's borderline ridiculous, but I love it.
Maizey got a new table and chairs in her playroom!Mostly, she is just happy to have something to chew on at mouth height.
Maizey and Daddy playing at her new table.
Hi. Hi. Hi.
She was excited to get her first real solid food.
Baby gnome.
Jessica's 30th birthday! Yowza!?
Looking cute in another auntie outfit (but the vest is from grammy).
Auntie outfit.
Speaking of auntie...
What can I say? She loves ice cream(or even better, stracciatella gelato). The apple never falls far from the tree.


Snowed In said...

I know I am a little off when it comes to clothes, but if your neice was that cute wouldn't you dress her too???

Every day she gets cuter, and with the wrestling, and being her mother's daughter. Be afraid, be afraid. There's a DIVA on the horizon and I LOVE IT! YAY!

jon and nichole said...

she is so freaking cute -- and you really are the best mom!!!

Jessica Zevely said...

How in the world can one baby girl be so cute? Those clothes....that face....she's just a doll and I love her and I can't wait to hold her for even one more second!!!

Beth Zarling said...

I am also a professional baby wrestler. In the last week or so, Harper has not wanted to stay on her back to be changed.
I love the baby gnome pic. I was hoping for some video of the waving.

Small Town Gal said...

Awh your little girl is so adorable!! In the picture when she holds her hand out at the table al i can think is "NO MORE PICTURES!" haha my nephew does that

!TEQ-uila Del Zapata said...

oh! this is such a beautiful baby.

Aashish(h) said...

too cute

Aashish(h) said...

too cute