Monday, March 24, 2008

Nearly 33 weeks

I can't believe that I'm 32.5 weeks. I also can't believe that I have only 52 days left of this journey. But, at the same time, I can't believe I still have 52 days left. At this point I have some good days and some bad, but I'm feeling that the bad are beginning to outweigh the good. The "honeymoon period" is such an accurate description of the second trimester. It's such a fun time, but it's definitely over now. Now sleep is the only thing I ever really want to do, but it has become elusive. I get about 30min-1 or 2 hours at a time and then I have to get up to go pee. Then, I come back to bed and spend at least 20 min trying to get comfortable with my huge belly. Really, I'm lucky if I get 5 hours a night of sleep. So I make up for it during the day with multiple naps.

The great news is the quarter is over. I haven't gotten my grades, but I know I did well. Ryan took me out to celebrate last week, all I wanted was a whiskey and coke, but instead I had lemonade. Anyway, now my days are mine to do as I please. It's a really good feeling to know that I have the next 7 weeks to play and relax and sleep. The baby's room is all put away and organized. Everything has been washed and even my diaper bag is ready to go. I'm secretly hoping that I only have 5 or so weeks left.

Last week's visit to the doctor was good. I found out that she is head down, and at this point she wouldn't really have the room to move into a breech position. So it's nice to know that at least we don't have to worry about that. I'm also still measuring right on target which means that she is growing well. I'm feeling like I'm a pretty predictable pregnant woman, everything they say will happen is happening: I'm getting swollen feet, I get leg cramps at night, I've even been blessed with stretch marks--how lucky? Not that I'm complaining (of course I am), but as amazing as this whole experience is, there isn't really anything very unique about it. All women deal with the same things. In a way though, I do feel validated by that.

Not much else happening. We've had a lot of fun family events going on. My mom turned 60 and we had a big party. There were a bunch of ladies over 50 and a pregnant woman out on the dance floor that night at Jillian's--there were plenty of people who weren't sure what to make of that, including me and I was on the dance floor. But Barbie got her groove on, which was her only birthday wish. Jimmy turned 30 last week and we celebrated at King's Hardware in Ballard on Saturday night. It was there that Ryan had the "best burger ever." It was like a burger and breakfast in one--it was a burger topped with a fried egg and bacon and served with sweet potatoe fries. If that isn't your style you can get a burger with peanut butter called the "after school special."
Here are some pictures from recent happenings:

The pregnant women at my shower! L-R: Carmen (overdue), Lacey (due in 2 weeks), Me (32.5 weeks), Beth (23 weeks)

Juicy from Georgia! I love it, just 'cause your an infant doesn't mean you can't wear designer clothes (Ryan would pass out if he read that)!

Mom, Sissy, and Grammy at my shower

Uncle Fred with his adoring neices/daughter at Barbie's 60th!

Ryan and I on the dance floor at mom's party

Pregnant woman and an oldie but goodie (mom) on the dance floor.

How cool? My whole family out on the dance floor--this is pre-broken foot.

A very little picture of Jimmy at his 30th.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Irritable Uterus

So, after waiting and waiting, the day of my shower finally arrived! It was so fun to get to see the people that I love but don't see that much, and of course it was great to see those who I see all the time (mom). I got almost everything that was on my registry, and so much more. When I got home and got everything unloaded into Maizey's room, it looked like a tornado hit. It was seriously out of control.

I only have 2 more days left of school and then a final next week. I feel so relieved to be about done. All I can think about is this baby, and all I want to do is nest. So starting next week, let the nesting begin! Nesting and a lot of sleeping. I have contractions all day long, and it sucks to have obligations (like school) when all you want to do is sit and fold baby clothes or watch Project Runway reruns. My contractions have gotten so regular that I had to go to the hospital on Friday to get a test to see if I was at risk for early labor. Luckily I'm not, the test came back negative for protein (which is good). But, the doctor could see on the monitor that I was having contractions every couple of minutes, so I left the hospital with an official diagnosis of an "Irritable Uterus"...yeah tell me something I don't know. So, where before I had my diagnosis I was just told to stay off my feet all the time, now I am free to do as I please, and I sort of wish that I was back on bedrest--those were happy times.

We start our child birth classes tonight. I'm super excited about that. I have a lot of questions that I am hoping to get answered. Last night we went to a free Cloth Diaper Workshop. We learned so much and really are so amazed at what is available. We were about 85% sure that we were going to use them, now we're 115% sure. Here is a link to the lady who puts on the workshops website: It's worth going, even if you think that you could only use's really great information.

I haven't been able to see my feet for a while now, instead this is what I see when I look down.

Disaster Picture #1

Disaster Picture #2

Here is a picture of the cloth diaper we chose, it's made of BAMBOO!! It's so soft and amazing, I want a Bamboozle diaper for myself.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Fee Fi Fo Fum

I'm feeling giant today. Ryan took this picture for our 30 week shot, and then I took a vow to eliminate all stripes from my maternity wardrobe (which, luckily, is really only this shirt). I also want to say that I feel that this whole widescreen movement (versus the older box 4:3 ratio) of our monitors is unfair. Images are smaller than they appear on the 16:9. I'm big, but I'm not widescreen big.

I still have 10 weeks of this? Are you kidding me? I think I might burst before 40...
30 WeeksBlissfully pregnant...yeah right!