Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Well, Maizey had the biggest bottle of her life today! 200mL! Then she threw up about 20mL, but what are you gonna do? She also held the upper half of her body off the floor! Such a buff little chica--already doing push ups! Crawling can't be too far off!

This is Maize all bundled up and ready to help mom and dad install some windows!!

Here she is recovering after her HUGE bottle and subsequent throw-up. And, yes, that is throw-up on her shirt (and some drool). Doesn't she just look stuffed?

Here she is doing baby push-ups...

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Photo Shoot!

Maizey and I went to Auntie Erika's house for a little photo session yesterday. There are a TON of photos to sort through, but here are some of the early favs...

Friday, September 26, 2008

Thank God...

for Auntie Jess and thank God for the teething tablets that she gave me.

Maize turned 5 months yesterday and with that milestone has come some seriously intense teething pain. Yesterday was the loudest, hardest, saddest, longest crying Maizey has ever done. It was heartbreaking and frustrating. Today isn't looking like it is going to be much better. BUT--the only relief any of us gets is from teething tablets. So I really owe any moments of peace to Jessica, and I couldn't be more grateful! This is exponentially harder than any crying/colicky-like thing we went through in the beginning. Partially because she is WAY louder than she was as a one month old, and partially because I can tell that she is really and truly in pain. Also, I don't know what I'd do without the swing. I can't believe that we almost got rid of it! I really wouldn't be able to function--and I certainly wouldn't be able to blog!

In her good moments though she is as fun and adorable as ever! It's getting easier to make her laugh and I can see her making giant strides in every way as the weeks pass. I also think that she has put on about 2lbs since we started fortifying her milk. It may be because we are fortifying it, but my instinct tells me that she just had a natural plateau and now she is gaining again. I kinda doubt the formula had anything to do with it, but I'm going to keep doing it, just in case. I was actually looking at Ryan's baby book and he did the same thing, he didn't gain any weight from 3-4 months. The doc says these things can be genetic.

I started school this week and I love love love microbiology!! I couldn't have guessed that I would love microbiology, but I do. I feel like, for the first time, I'm actually in a class that is related to the career I want. It's super interesting and everything we learn has a clinical implication and significance. It's really affirming to me, it makes me sure that I've chosen the right path.

Okay gotta run, I've got to pump while I have some quiet moments...

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Aquarium...and stuff.

Yesterday was mostly a really lazy day around here. I was working hard to avoid-what I believe was-an impending case of mastitis , by napping and taking hot showers (yes showers-as in multiple). Ryan and Maizey spent the day watching another obscure Netflix film (I'd rather have mastitis, thank you). 3pm rolled around and we were all feeling a little bored and glutinous so we decided to go check out the new aquarium. We didn't get there until about 4m and we were worried it wouldn't be enough time, but the timing couldn't have been better. We got to see the otters and the seals get their dinners and the place was almost empty by the time we left. We had plenty of time to see the exhibits and even give Maizey a bottle. Maizey did so well, she looked all around (mostly at the other kids, not so much at sea life) and pretty much just chewed on her coat/fingers and took everything in. We'd like to believe it was a really enriching experience for her, but I think mostly she was just happy to have something to look at besides a random Brazilian film that is the based off a Brazilian TV show which is based off a Brazilian film (City of God/Men).

Today was a productive day. I waited forever for the urge to nest when I was pregnant, but I think it finally came today--5 months after Maizey was born (I'm always a little behind in these areas). I cleaned pretty much from the moment I woke up until the moment I sat down to blog. My cleaning spree even included pulling up the sofa cushions and vacuuming the inside of the couch--somewhere my mom is jumping for joy.

Speaking of my mom. I've been meaning to post that her surgery is scheduled for October 2nd. We've gotten some good news lately. Including the news that her MRI revealed no other signs of cancer anywhere (not even in her lymph nodes, but we'll need to wait until after surgery to be sure). Surgery will be followed by about 6-7weeks of radiation, which will surely exhaust her, which means that I am hoping this nesting thing I am experiencing will last another 8 or so weeks since my mama won't be around to do it. Yes, my mom cleans my house, and yes, I am ashamed of that.

I think that Maizey may have hit the 14lb mark since I've been fortifying her milk. That would mean a weight gain of 1lb! This elates me to no end. She's even been doing a little better at eating solids. We made her homemade applesauce with apples from my mom's yard at the cabin. Okay, okay, my mom made it, but I watched and fully intend to do it myself next time. Anyway, Maizey seems to like it. We made an adult version (meaning it has sugar and cinnamon) and it's so good, it's all I want to eat these days.

School starts next week and I'm really nervous about what it's going to feel like to have something to do besides be a mom. I've been so lucky to be able to focus only on her for the last 5 months and I'm going through withdrawal at the mere thought of this changing. I've finally made the switcharoo to Everett CC and I already feel like the new kid. I don't know where anything is or where to park or if the instructors will be harder or easier. I'm already sort of annoyed that I had to pay $283 for textbooks for ONE class (Microbiology)--but who knows, it may have been the same at Shoreline. I'm winding down with the prerequisites for my program and I can finally see some light at the end of the tunnel!!! Finally!

Here are some photos:

Crazy Maizey in her onesie from Auntie Jill. Yes, she was expensive--but worth it!

Maizey looking frightened by the proximity of this fish.

Maizey looking bored--she wasn't that interested in touching the sea anemones.

Love it.

She did like the tropical tanks, where everything is lit up and colorful.

Ryan showing Maizey the fishies in the ceiling above them. And some little stranger who probably thought some weirdo was taking his photo.

The closest thing we could get to a family photo.

Mama and Maize gettin' ready to depart.

Maizey chewing her coat.

Daddy giving Maizey a bottle before we headed home.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Silly Baby

So Ryan and I came home from a movie last night and my mom had styled Maizey's hair a la Maddox Jolie-Pitt--it was so cute and now I get the whole mohawk-on-babies thing since that's where their hair grows first. Also, she taught her to LOVE to drink water from the glass. I should know by now that my mom and Maizey get into trouble when they're left alone together! Here are some photos of the event--watch the video until the very end, it gets kinda messy! If you look closely you can see her little mohawkShe has crazy eyes!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

We could be in trouble here...

Matt Damon puts it best in this clip. Now I'm scared. Thanks Al for showing me this!

Monday, September 15, 2008


Well there is a lot to report, so I'll just get right to it!

Today my mama had an appt with her oncologist. She chose to have a lumpectomy with radiation. Surgery will be scheduled within the next 2 days, but will probably happen somewhere between a week and a half to two weeks. Last week Barbie had an MRI which showed more suspicious masses, but we found out today that the other 2 small masses are benign--which is a HUGE relief!!! Also, her lymph nodes appeared to be normal, meaning that no cancer was visible. This is a good sign, but it's by no means an "all clear." Testing will be done during surgery to check if her lymph nodes have any cancer present and that is the only way to be sure. So we won't know until after the surgery whether she will need chemo or not. Argh, just a series of waits. But, all in all, it was pretty good news.

Also, little miss Maizey had an appt with her pediatrician today. The little stinker could single handedly keep a dermatologist in business!! First the hemangioma and diaper rash, and now she is covered in in little patches of eczema. They started on her arm and are now all over her belly, neck, and other arm. It's no biggie, I just need to put some hydro cortisone on it and keep it moisturized and it should go away. In much worse news, she hasn't gained an ounce since the beginning of August. CRASH! I was devastated to hear this--devastated. She went from being in the 41st percentile to now being in the 10th. I have noticed that she's been a bit of a fussy eater lately, but I didn't think much about it. It's been so hard for me to make sure she is getting her breast milk--I work my ass off and spend a good portion of my day pumping since she doesn't really nurse (except in the middle of the night or early morning). And now I feel like what was I working so hard for? Against my better judgement, I feel as though I've failed her somehow. Anyway, I'm gonna keep pumping my life away, but I have to start fortifying her milk with formula to help her gain weight. I'm also going to try to squeeze in an extra feeding by waking her up just before I go to bed around 11pm. Time will tell...

What else? Well, I had my HS reunion. It was crazy, and on the way down I thought I was going to barf from the sudden, intense anxiety I was feeling. Once I got there all anxiety diminished and I had a really great time seeing old friends. It felt like no time had passed--in a really weird, surprising way. Ryan was a trooper, he easily accepted his primary duties: picture taking and drink getting. There are definitely some peeps I'd like to stay in better contact with now and others that I am glad I don't have to see again for at least 10 years.

Also, Nick and Jill got married. Everything was beautiful and the reception at Willows Lodge was a blast. It was so great to spend quality time with our group of friends--who really feel more like family. We were really glad that Shane and Jill were there to celebrate with us.

I may be forgetting something. If so, I'll post it later. Here are a LOT of photos...

First home game of the season!

Trying to roll over on her changing table (isn't that the cutest little tush you've ever seen????)

Baby Prison.
Daddy trying to eat the Maizers.
Mid coo.
Lovin' the exer-saucer! I live for the moments when Maizey falls asleep on my chest.These are the predicaments that Maizey gets herself into in her pack and play.She was strangely quiet and I came out to find her making out with her pig wristlet.
Wedding ladies.
All the boys.

All the couples at our table...

Saturday, September 13, 2008

10 year HS Reunion

Go Wolves! I'll blog more later and tell you all about it, but for now here are some photos (I'm up pumping right now so I figured I'd at least put these on).