Sunday, December 27, 2009

What a Difference a Year Can Make!

We just got the official photo in the mail! Let's compare 2008 and 2009...
In 2008 Maizey was little and laid-back, Santa was Asian and quiet. In 2009 Maizey was big (comparatively) and *spirited*, and as adorable as ever. Santa was white and opinionated. We missed Asian Santa--even if he never "ho ho ho'd!"

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Holiday Fun

Hello friends and family! I know. I know. I've been bad. I used to be so good. What can I say? Does the fact that my camera passed away make up for any of it? Well, anyway, here I am to update you. I wanted to start with Thanksgiving, but I'm just going to bypass it and start off fresh. Yes, Ryan is home, safe and sound. It's great to have him back, but definitely having the house to myself for 2 months means that there are some adjustments. Also, there is just that adjustment period. You know, where you're kind of on each other's nerves a lot? But I'd rather have him here than in Dubai--even if he's a little annoying (especially when his dirty socks are left exactly 2 feet beside the laundry hamper--seriously, couldn't he have just put them in the hamper??). Aww, I love my Nis.

So tonight we celebrated Christmas with my family. We had dinner and hot buttered rum and some amazing moussey thing from Bakery Nouveau. Then we opened gifts, I have the cutest Lulu Lemon hoodie and some cool earrings to show for it. Maizey doesn't participate in the exchange, she just gets an insane amount of loot. She's got a new kitchen, a big area rug for her bedroom, a Little People barn, a tea set, college money, new See Kai Run Mary Janes, I could go on and on. The girl is set. We had a great time. It was really nice to have my family over. Maizey LOVES to have company.

Thursday night we had the 2nd annual Downtown Santa Extravaganza. It was SOSO fun! My whole family (sans Jim) and Ryan's meet downtown. We wait in line to see the Nordstrom Santa and drink apple cider and eat sugar cookies while we wait. Then we take a Maizey and Santa picture and then a huge Maizey and entourage photo. 11 adults to one baby. Both times we've been told that Maizey had the largest entourage of any kid. How lucky is she? But, she's so loved 'cause she's so great. We're really the lucky ones. After Santa we went and rode the carousel, where Maizey obsessed over her first candy cane and enjoyed the horsies. Then we headed to dinner. All 12 of us. It was a great night and I feel so lucky to have our family close by and all so healthy. My mom rolled in a wheelchair because of a recent partial knee replacement, but mostly she just did it for the attention (just kidding mama).

The second set of photos are of our attempt at a family Christmas card photo. Um, not easy. It's so funny because Maizey was so great for the Santa photos, but we didn't get a single photo of her looking at the camera during this photo session. When you see our Christmas card you'll see what we mean. This was the best photo we could get. Ry and I look okay in it, but mostly we chose it because it was one of the few where she wasn't screaming. Photo sessions are a type of torture for toddlers. Anyway, enjoy them, the whole thing is funny--in retrospect. Wasn't so funny at the time. Photo sessions are also a type of torture for Ryan. Not easy for me to manage a situation where not only is Ryan annoyed but Maizey is nuts-o. After the session I lost my keys and then I lost my mind. I went home and drank wine. I NEVER drink, but I HAD to drink. I guess you know it's the holidays when you have to hit the bottle to find some peace. Also, if you didn't get a Christmas card and you want one, let me know. I ordered 75 and only sent 39. Otherwise, what will I do with 36 cards?

Here are the photos...

Sorry about the wacky order. Blogspot photo formatting is my enemy.

Here's Maizey waiting in line. She's only entertained by high-priced, cutting-edge technology.

Meeting Santa for, as far as she can remember, the first time.

Primping for Santa.

Look at the gorgeous girl. She was so great for Santa. Although, I don't think she moved a muscle or even blinked the whole time she was on his lap!Rollin' in style with grammy!

Auntie Mistilyn and Uncle Brion.

Carousel and candy cane=pure Christmas joy!
Our group shot.Brion and Mistilyn ran in and just made it. Unfortunately, the first picture is better of everyone. Which to frame???
Here's last years photo to compare. Last year we lucked out and got "Diversity Santa" this year we just got plain, old, white Santa.

The photo session. See my sad sad baby----------->

Aww, I LOVE my handsome hubby.

And, my girl who was sweet for this picture with her mama.

She was having fun right before the photos really got started.

Then I tried to make her happy with some dancing.

But, then we had to restrain to even get her in the frame.

We were at a loss...

Seriously Maizey?

At a certain point you just have to laugh...

And try to make the best of it. But, is this frameable? Not really.

She had her own agenda. Which was mostly just watching dogs walk by.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Something Cute

For you to look at while I'm being a lazy blogger. Ryan gets home tomorrow (praise Jesus), so I should be able to update you then.
Here is a cute photos of some Festive Peeps (they were excited at how well Maizey matched their get-ups) we met while we were shopping at The Bravern. Very fancy.