Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas Vacation

So, Christmas is officially over, and I'm officially okay with that. When Christmas falls on a Tuesday, you can essentially plan on 5 days/nights of family and friends and fatigue. Needless to say, our house was void of all Christmas accoutrement's by the evening of the 26th.

Even though we were tired, the 5 days of Christmas were really fun this year. Sunday night (after spending the day at the FREEZING Seahawks game) we spent opening gifts with my family. Highlights: Brion's t-shirt that required a battery pack and a microphone, mom's veggies, and of course all of the gifts! Monday night we were off the Beth's house with my extended family. Highlights: Kate and Mitchell's romance novel pictures, Brion re-gifting his CD of songs to sail by (classic Brion), seeing the people I love and miss during the winter months, and the Satanic Santa on the steps. On Christmas day we went to Ryan's parents house and spent the day with his family and Aaron's new girlfriend and her parents. Highlights: meeting Lida who was way cooler than I could have hoped, and discussing in-utero learning with a woman who teaches music therapy, oh yeah the gifts weren't bad either.

We spent Boxing Day doing, what else, shopping. We bought our stroller and our Pack-n-Play. And of course, made the necessary returns--where I was pleased to meet the least helpful tennis shoe saleswoman in the world, she works at the Alderwood New Balance if you'd like to meet her (she's the one whose pants look like they are hanging on for dear life, moments from bursting right open). That night we assembled our new baby gear, disassembled our tree, and watched the new Harry Potter and Can't Buy Me Love in one stellar double-feature.

Here are the photos that best describe our 5 day sprint (6 including Boxing Day)

I call this one "the armored vehicle dress" since I look a little like a Humvee in it. That's what happens when all sales are final.

Christmas RyRy putting up with the sisterazzi

The past and present Gebow girls on the steps.

Kate and Mitchell's Romance Novel

Kate enjoy the sounds of a Satanic Santa Claus

Louise on Christmas morning.

Porter in his Christmas best.

Christmas morning carnage.

Ryan assembling the pack-n-play the day after Christmas.

Louise also working hard the day after Christmas.

Lana's Christmas break project, still in progress.

A nursery in progress...