Saturday, July 11, 2009

My girl has rhythm...

I fully intend to do a "real" blog post in the next couple of days, but here is a video of my cutie groovin. It's too cute, I had to share it asap! Don't mind my singing, oh and she has one shoe on 'cause she likes it that way...

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Monday, July 6, 2009

Sunny Seattle Days

Hey, it's been awhile huh? I think that anyone who has a blog knows that sometimes you feel like blogging, and sometimes it's the last thing you can imagine making time for. I'm feeling the later.

However, I'm dedicated to my friends and family. So this is for you.

The last week has been pretty chaotic. I owe more than a few phone calls and emails--sorry about that. It's been so beautiful in Seattle that I feel the need to live it up, until today when Maizey and I napped off and on all day and didn't get in the car once!

Last week we went to the cabin with grammy, to Lincoln park and the Colman pool with grammy and auntie Ricky, and Jetty Island with daddy and grammy Jan. If you have kids and you haven't been to Jetty Island, you MUST go. You get to take a free walk-on ferry from downtown Everett to this long, narrow island. The tide goes really far out and leaves a BIG sandy beach with warm tide pools. When the tide comes in the water is SO warm. We had a blast.
On Saturday we went to Cal Anderson Park in Seattle to meet up with Aliya. We had a blast there and the highlight (aside from seeing Aliya) was the live music. Specifically, it was Maizey's dancing to the music. She sure knows how to put on a show. She even got a shout out from the band for her dancing skills! She even danced with strangers. I love that she loves to dance. She's like her mama.

Sorry, the Bachelorette is on and I'd rather be watching that, ya know, if we're being honest...

4th of July at Auntie Erika's
Mmm, raspberries!
The cake I made, not to be disrespectful, but I'd really rather be British.Auntie Aliya was in town! We met at Cal Anderson Park, where the Adventure School hosted the 4th of July party.

Daddy put on Maizey's suit backwards, here's mama trying to keep her decent.
There was a fabulous wading pool and tons of fountains at the park.With her auntie.

Her she is helping us get our garage sale ready.
Playing with daddy at Jetty Island.
The warm water.

A family photo.

Walking to the seaweed to get to the water.

She loved the sand!Here is our camp.
Lincoln park. She loves to throw bags over her shoulder, future model or hobo.
I think she looks like she's 10 here.
Floating at the cabin with grammy.