Monday, June 22, 2009

Father's Day

Well, I don't have much time to talk--lucky for you! My crazy, little toddler is into everything these days, so lots of time I do not have.

Yesterday we went for a hike to Bridal Veil Falls. It was beautiful and so much more fun than our last hike. It was a lot more of a work out, technical in spots, and generally just more treacherous than Wallace Falls, so it made getting to the top that much better. We had a blast and little Maizey was pooped!

Oh yeah, she also slept in her crib last night. It only took me an hour to get her to fall asleep in there, and that is what it takes to get her to fall asleep in bed with us anyway these days. I am very proud of her--and me!

Sorry, there are a lot of photos. I was going to weed some out, but I couldn't...

Our Hike

I know it's a dorky pic, but this little bridge was scary for me. It was about 5 feet off the ground with big gaps in between the slats that you walked on, it was about 2 ft wide with nothing to hold onto. Not scary for most people, just wussies like me!
My mom kept calling me. She was worried about bears. Seriously. I was just hoping that a vampire would join us, perhaps Edward Cullen???
We put Burts Bees on her lips and she LOVED it! Here she is rubbing in the chapstick.
The only family pic we got and Ryan has his eyes closed. Go figure.
Our lunching spot.
The view from the falls.
They had these cool bridges at the falls.
She didn't want to be in the carrier anymore on the way down. So this was her transportation.
Nature baby. So tired on the walk back.She just laid on this rock while we got ready to go.Tired baby.
Here is our setup for the transition into the crib. I'm going to sleep by her for awhile and then gradually make my way out of the bedroom. It's tight in there right now! But whatever works, right?

Thursday, June 18, 2009

The "magic" years...

Hello. I'm back. It's felt like weeks. I know it hasn't been weeks, but I think all the posts that I've written over the last 3 or 4 weeks were written in such a daze that I barely recall them. Perhaps I should clarify, not like a drug induced daze, just a studying daze. Now, I've just replaced the studying daze with the Twilight-saga daze.

So, phew, I found my camera charger. It was actually in the first place I looked, but apparently I didn't look that well (again probably because of the Twilight daze). Anyway, Ryan saved the day and found it. So I will be able to post some new photos and videos (if they ever finish uploading).

Um, yeah, about those "magic" years. I haven't actually read the book to find out why they call them the magic years and not something like the tragic years, or the really hard years, or the pour yourself a drink and try to have a good sense of humor years--any of those titles would have been much more appropriate. To you mothers out there who already know, they are referring, of course, to the toddler years. Maizey became a toddler the day she started walking--at least that is the formal definition, but I actually think that the toddler years began for us last Thursday...

So Maizey has always been, let's say...opinionated and spirited. But always in a really crazy and endearing way. I would have NEVER considered her to be a hard child to manage. Just happy and crazy and fun. Well, I was driving down to visit my sister last Thursday when Maizey had her first temper tantrum, yes, her first temper tantrum was in the car--it was painful. The crying quickly escalated to screaming and hyperventilating. I was sure that something bad had happened, like a bee sting, so I exited and pulled over. The minute I got her out she was happy and smiley. The minute I put her back in her seat--screaming. I was livid.

That was the beginning. Now we are "those people with the kid" at restaurants. Maizey throws food and just wants to bang silverware on the table. It takes a clean-up crew to take care of the mess after we finish (actually I just get on my hands and knees and use wipes, because I don't want to be those people). She screams to get out of her high chair and then runs around the tables laughing. Putting her to bed at night takes HOURS, yes more than one.

On the flip side, she is growing up and it's adorable and fun to watch. Her personality is addicting and magnetic. She learns a new skill everyday. She says mama every 5 seconds (which is endearing or annoying depending on the context), she says "hi dad" whenever she sees Ryan (but it sounds more like "hiiiiiii dahhh"), she can point to her foot, belly, and head. She can tell you what sounds dogs, cats, cows, ducks, and crows make. She's pretty good at saying up and sometimes we hear down. Oh yeah, her favorite thing now is the phone, she even can hold a conversation with Grammy, and she does so just about every morning. It's the first thing she asks for when she wakes up--literally.

Best of all, she's a dancing queen. Her moves are getting better everyday. She's added foot tapping and arm swinging into her repertoire.

I guess I should say something about the rest of us. We're good. I'm learning what it's like to be a stay at home mom's hard--especially in the midst of the magic years. But it's also really amazing and fun, and truth be told it's allowed me to get in quite a bit of reading. I'm also making a lot of cookies, which is not so good. We're slowly getting used to life with one dog, although I think Lou is still feeling bummed. Ryan is finally getting the time he's been dying to have to work on the house. Every night it's either yard work, wash the cars, or dilly dallying in the garage. I know how much he missed being able to do that stuff while I was in school. My mom is into her 2nd week of radiation and we're finally coming the a foreseeable end to this journey. She's been doing very well with it so far, and I don't anticipate that to change based off our previous experiences. I'm super excited to take Maizey to the Solstice parade this weekend (painted naked people should be highly entertaining for her) and then we're going hiking on Sunday, so we should have lots of photos to share on Monday!


This is our life. Everyday.

She is crazy for Starbucks Iced Cups--like her mama.
Her pool. She LOVES it!
Deep in thought.

Eating chocolate chips. I know, I'm a good mommy.

Post-chocolate chipsThe day of the infamous breakdowns, oh yeah, this is her new favorite dolly. It's a blast from the past and even smells like Strawberry Shortcake, but not my top choice for a "lovey" item. It's scary, has a crazy Chucky laugh, and feels awful when you roll over on it in bed!

Below are two videos, this is going to be how I post videos from now on. It's so fast, it puts the Blogger application to shame. Serious shame. Anyway, they're both from tonight, one is of some of her fancy new moves and the other is Maizey showing off some of her skillzzzz!

Photo Sharing - Video Sharing - Photo Printing

Photo Sharing - Video Sharing - Photo Printing

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Don't get excited...

It's not a real post. Just something temporary to hold off the "feedback." I can't post for real because of two reasons. 1. I can't find my camera charger, so my photos are being held hostage on my dead camera. And everyone knows that a blog post without photos is majorly disappointing. 2. I'm in the company of a vampire-heroine-werewolf love triangle of teens. Yes, for the first time since last summer I am able to read (now that school is out). I've joined the millions of crazy women before me and now I can't think about anything but Edward Cullen, poor Ryan has to answer to Edward now. Ugh, I love it. *I can't believe I'm about to say this* I even told Ryan I'd like to visit Forks and La Push this summer. N-E-R-D!

Alright, it's time to snuggle in with Jacob and Edward (ahhh, don't I wish??)!

Since I have no photos to post, here is a link to the New Moon preview, just in case you've been on the old moon for the last couple of months and haven't seen it.

BTW, I'm going to need to borrow a copy of the next two books if anyone wants to loan them to me...

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Done!!! Well, for now....

Today was a BIG day for me. Today I completed my science pre-reqs for the nursing program. To the lay person, this doesn't mean a lot, but to the person who has been through it (or the husband who has supported you) it means so much. After a really hard 11 or so weeks, we went out and lived it up tonight. So, to my nursing friends and to my family, thank you so much. This has been extremely difficult on us all, but it will be so worth it in the end. And, imagine how we can tell everyone about the 5 functions of the Renin-Angiotensin Mechanism, we'll be the most interesting people at parties.

Luis~ you are hysterical. Water bottles will never be the same. Sorry in advance for the irony, but you are silent but deadly--the smartest New Yorker I've ever met. All I have to say is: Priapism. I will never forget what that word means now.

Crista Jean~a gal who is just cool and fun by nature. You exude positivity, even in the wake of ridiculous instruction. You are so warm. You could teach people how to have fun. You will save lives in the ER, you already do.

Whitney~we missed you so much tonight. You are the fastest test taker I know and I am secretly hoping you don't get into the program this fall so we can have you with us in the winter. You are funny without even trying, and smarter than you could possibly imagine.

Jason~this quarter wasn't the same without you and you were by no means forgotten. You are so gentle and kind. And, probably the best CO around ;-) You were born to be a nurse, you just make everything seem a little bit better. Apply to Everett or I'll never talk to you again!!

Andy~thanks for the tutorials, the endless advice, and the 35minute long bitch sessions on the phone, I can't believe how bright you are, I will be a better nurse just for having known you! I hope you sail around the world and save millions of babies from cholera. I have a 25lb bag of rice and a 48 pack of bottled water because of you, maybe it will save my life--but I doubt it ;-)

Sonny~you're name is no coincidence. You are sunny and so charming and fun to be around--you're magnetic. You will be the nurse people talk about for years after you've helped them. You will make a big impact. I know it.

Sam~you are so thoughtful and kind and fun. You will be the most beautiful bride ever. You're endless energy is responsible for many As over the past couple of quarters. Your energy and spirit are contagious. Thanks for the coffee, banana bread, and flowers. You were meant to take care of people.

Nateja~the little sister I never had. I will miss you every day. You are the silliest, funnest girl I've ever met. You're my little hippy in hipster clothing. I will think of you every time I opt not to microwave Maizey's food and every time I weigh an immunization. Maybe I won't immunize my next baby and maybe I will name her Nateja in honor of you. You are going to crack back like it's nobodies business. Learn the Bradley method and I will come to your office so you can turn my next breech baby. Seriously, the world is better with you in it. If I don't see you before you go to Caly, I will die.

My peeps at Tailgaters...Sad Nateja, she should be a nurse--even though she inherently disagrees with everything they stand for...

Nateja--I love you and your mouth like a sailor.
The flowers from Sam.
Work hard(ish)=Play hard
My girls...
all of us...

Now, here is to long, lazy summer days, with nothing to do but hanging out with the cutest/silliest baby in the world. Tomorrow I will wake and: a. be sober and b. have nothing to do. I can't wait...

Saturday, June 6, 2009


I LOVE drive-in movies! We're really lucky to have one so close to our house ( Growing up we'd go to the one close to our cabin and I remember being so excited just at the thought of it. Since I've known Ryan (we've been together for 11years on Monday!!!), we go at least once a summer, but we should go more. Okay, here I go, the drive-in rocks because: you get to see 2 movies for less than the price of one at a regular movie theater; you get to snuggle with your loved ones and make impossibly comfortable beds with 4 comforters 6 pillows and one king-sized feather bed; you can bring your own food--a lot of people had pizzas and I will definitely do that next time; and last but certainly not least, they're the loop hole in going out to see movies when you have kids. We brought a bottle, Maizey snuggled in, and she was asleep before the movie even began. We did go see two kid-themed movies for her sake, but we should have known she wouldn't even see a moment. We saw Up! and Night at the Museum 2, I really liked Up, maybe a little less than everyone else in the world, but I'm a hard critic. I didn't really like NATM2, I didn't like the first one--kinda boring. Anyway, the one down side was getting Maizey home, she wasn't happy to be woken up and put into her car seat at 1:30am and then from her car seat to bed. But, she did sleep until 9am today!

Anyway, if you haven't been in a while (or ever), go to the drive-in, it's really fun. We plan to go again this summer FOR SURE!
Maizey thinks it's so funny to be in the car when she's not in her car seat. She gets really hyper. So cute!

This is before the start of the first movie.

On Thursday we went and visited auntie at work. Erika got Maize a whole bunch of cute clothes, I mean really cute, and a new pair of baby Keens. Thanks auntie for always keeping Maizey so stylish!
This is playing in the water area at Redmond Town Center.

She got really wet, but luckily we had a change of clothes!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Heartbroken but Hopeful

First of all, thank you all so much for your love and condolences. I've gotten a lot of calls, comments, and emails. Ryan and I really appreciate your support.

While I expected to be feeling a little better now, I'm finding that actually this may get a little harder before it gets any easier. I think it's because now I'm really starting to feel what life without Porter is like. I've lost a lot of loved ones in my life and I think one of the hardest parts is that life goes on. You get further and further away from that person (or dog) and what was a very realistic image gets cloudier everyday. I don't want to forget the way Porter smelled or how his skin felt so squishy or the way it felt when he rolled in my freshly washed hair. But, I probably will. For now, Porter is everywhere. His hair is still all over the place. Vacuuming and washing the duvet cover will seem very sad to me. His bowl is still out and it kills me every time I see it. I don't know what to do with his harness or collar. I can't get rid of it. Ryan pooper scooped the yard and I was devastated--over poop! But it's still him and it's all I have left. Ugh. This is hard.

So to the hopeful part...

Maizey is finally feeling better. This has been such a hard week for me. First my mama got sick, then Maizey, then Porter, and I still had to be ready for a really difficult exam today. So, Maizey finally feeling better feels like such a treat. It seems to me that Maizey gets stomach flu for about 7 days--most kids are like 2 days--just my luck. It also seems that, against doctors advice, I have to withhold most food from her when she is sick. Just pretty much applesauce, Pedialyte, Jello, and toast. Anyway, Ryan and I couldn't stop smiling and laughing in her presence tonight. She really is such a little comedienne (you like that??). She did this crazy, fake laugh tonight and when she heard me crack up over it she just kept doing it over and over. This girl can bring me joy like I've never felt before.

I've been thinking about another dog. I know it seems really early. I remember when Reggie died (long story), the lady that ran the adoption agency really urged us to get another puppy right away. Although it may seem disrespectful, I think it's a really positive way to heal. Especially because so many good dogs need homes. The dog we adopted soon after Reggie was Porter. My brain says "WAIT!!!! Don't get a dog right now. Life with one dog is SO easy." You never know what you're going to get and it could make life really difficult. But, the hardest part is watching little Lou be lonely. She's always been with another dog. Many of you know that she is a Hurricane Katrina rescue, when they found her she was *literally* embracing another dog (either her daughter or sister)--whom they named Thelma. I'm sure that parting with Thelma was incredibly difficult, and now Porter must seem even more terrible. She's been through so much and I just want her to feel happy and safe. What's the point of putting this off? I am pretty sure we will be getting another dog eventually. I don't know. We'll see. My heart just feels so sad for her.

Sorry my posts are always so long. I'd love feedback about the dog stuff...

Maizey thought for sure we got her her own bed for the family room.

But actually it's Lou Lou's new bed. Doesn't she look sad?

This girl is all personality. This was because she was mad that I took away her berry smoothie from Costco--actually it was supposed to be mine, but everything is hers and she just lets me borrow it or have some.

Her only serious moment all night.

OMG. That's all I can say. OMG.

She looks so grown up. Yes, that is a HUGE pile of laundry in the background, but I've been REALLY busy.
Cuddling with Lou.
Getting all hyped up for PJ on the new Conan show tonight!!
Do other babies get this filthy after eating? Maizey always rubs her head when she eats. It's so annoying/adorable.

A long video, in our messy bedroom, but you get an idea about Maizey's crazy, fake, new laugh! So cute!