Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Lots of catching up to do...

Hello. Do you guys remember me? Does anyone ever look at this anymore? Anyone beside the people who stumble here from Blogs of Note to leave dirty comments with links to their dirty websites.

Anyway, we have A LOT of catching up to do. Sorry about that.

So school is really winding down for me. Only 2 days this week, an exam and two clinicals next week, then the last week is an easy half day and a final test that we're required to pass but we get several tries to pass it and no grade for it, so mostly I feel like I'm done. That's an amazing feeling, two more weeks and I will be a third of the way through nursing school!!! That feels so good to say. This is the hardest I've ever worked for anything and I can't tell you the confidence it's given me. I finally believe that I may be capable of anything. This quarter was SO hard. I had to devote so much more of myself and my time. It cost me a lot of my family time, and that killed me, but Maizey barely noticed. She's very lucky to have such an amazing daddy and grammys who take such good care of her. I can't imagine doing this without them. I wouldn't.

RyRy has been perpetually sick for the last few months. It's been a bad cold, food poisoning, allergic reactions, you name it. He also lost his daddy toenail and it got really infected. I'm happy to report that I was able to heal it (well his immune system probably had something to do with it too) and apply all of my wound care knowledge. It was awesome, I knew what ointments to use, how to clean it, and how to wrap it. I felt very proud. But, back to Ryan. But, actually there isn't a lot else to say. I don't think??? He's good? He's been watching Maizey a lot lately and when he's not watching Maizey he's watching Avatar: the Last Airbender on Netflix watch instantly. God, I really hate the watch instantly option on Netflix. Who knew there were so many bad movies and television shows out there?

Now, to my star. Miss Maizey Lou is 2!!! Can you believe it? I cannot. Time is going so fast. It's so fun to watch her grow up though. I am having conversations with her now and I don't think that there is anything cooler than that. It's so exciting and HILARIOUS! I can't believe the things that come out of her mouth. Ryan and I can often be found crying we are laughing so hard about the random, silly things she says. Lately she always wants me to "move, ma" or "go way, ma!" And though that is very rude, it's still very funny. That said, she has the best manners a mom could hope for. Everytime she asks for anything she always says please and she always says "thanks ma" or "thanks gam" (for gram). She also apologizes to everyone and everything (if she bumps into the wall or chair she apologizes to them too), and she's so lovely to everyone (most of the time). She always wants be sure we're okay after we sneeze or cough or say "ow!" She goes "okay ma? okay?" It's the cutest thing in the world.

I think that's enough typing for now. I will tell you the rest through photos. These are just a few months of catching up, I don't have early April or any photos from March in this batch--that would have been too much I think.

These aren't in order. Has anyone at Blogger ever actually used the product? It's so impossible to load and arrange photos.

Getting music lessons from Uncle Foos (short for Foosball)

Celebrating their birthdays at Brion and Mistilyn's

This is all Auntie Erika. She definitely knows how to capture my Moo.

Silly girls.
As you will see, Maizey has learned to smile for the camera. She has really taken it over the top. Hammin it up... The slide is where it's at.

Maizey wearing her "lipsss." She thinks chapstick is lipstick and she has to have it at all times. I swear I really tried to be gender neutral with her. But, she's a girly girl and I love it.
On a hike with auntie. Nothing better than hikes with cupcakes.
My little outdoorsy girl. She loves to go hiking and talks about it all the time.
We're rockin the same jeans and genes.
Soul mates. And, Maizey's back-up mom.
Sassafrass. I just want to eat her up.
Modeling her new "pincess jammies" or "nitedess" from cousin Ari (they were Ari's favorite too). She refuses to wear anything beside princess night gowns. It's annoying--mostly because I only have 2 of them. Auntie and Maize love their Red Mango (so does mommy). In case you are wondering, her pin says "Herbivores Score More" Auntie keeps Maize awesome and embraces her vegetarianism (unlike other family members who think that chicken is not meat).
She kept getting ice cream headaches! I've never seen a cuter ice cream headache.She finds bars to swing on everywhere.
See? Soul mates.

Mad gym skillz.

She does not have mommy's fear of heights (but she did get mommy's fear of worms--phew!)

Her favorite past time is dancing in her bedroom, lately she's really been liking Empire State of Mind by Jay-Z. She likes the Hip Hop.
Spending Maizey's 2nd Birthday at the Aquarium then to Uvillage for lunch and cupcakes and play with Grammy and Auntie.
Kissing the otters. They are sososo cute!

Maize and Dad ridin' an orca.

Getting her face painted. She chose the starfish.

We have this exact same picture from almost 2 years before.

I psychotically love this photo. It would be at the top of blog if it were not vertical.

I've been watching lots of "Say Yes to the Dress" lately and had been wanting to try mine on again. Maizey was captivated and quickly asked to wear a dress too. We felt very important. She followed me all over the house.

I want to get married over again. The trouble with getting engaged at 21 and married at 23 is you don't know anything and you have no taste. I wish I could have a cool, interesting wedding dress to give to my daughter, but oh well. I like my dress, but I don't love it (I didn't even love it then). Wow, I just went off. Sorry.

Marking her growth chart with her 2 year old height. She's 35inches. They say that your adult height is about twice the height you were at 2. If that's true then she will be 5'10"!!! Tall like her daddy!

We had Moo's bday party at Little Gym again this year. She just loves it!
Playing on the bars with cousin Harper.
OMG. Cute.

She blew out her candles all by herself. Our annual mother's day hike. This one was really beautiful but a bit treacherous at times.

Nothing puts her to sleep like the backpack. Last weekend we went to the Pacific Science Center and then to what's left of Fun Forest and then onto the Center House for pizza and ice cream. She loves bugs and was super psyched to find this slug.

Cheesin it up with daddy. She's so funny.
The rides at Fun Forest were simultaneously fun and depressing.

Assembling a bug.
Frightened by a GIANT fake bug.
The cutest picture known to man kind. We're hard at work potty training and I happened to catch this moment of her playing harmonica and trying to potty in a princess dress. She likes to be alone in the bathroom and promptly told me to "go way, ma!"

We pre-funked at Auntie's before the Taste of West Seattle--lots of dancing.

Fashion diva.

We're in a real in-between hair period. She has two looks 1. homeless 2. insane. We went with insane on this particular evening.
You see what I mean?
She loves scented candles.
Here's a LONG video of us chatting tonight. It gets cute at the end.

see below...

Chat with Maize