Tuesday, May 20, 2008

First Sleepless-ish Night

So, it's finally happening. Everyone told me it would. They said once Maizey got older she'd stop sleeping so well. Last night she was up twice, which never happens, but she went back to bed easily. Tonight she went to bed at 10pm and was up at 2:30am, not too bad. The trouble is she was WIRED and cranky! I was feeling frustrated for the first time since she has been born. Ryan woke up twice to try to help--and let me put that remarkable fact into context for you: Ryan NEVER wakes up, even when tree branches were falling on our roof he stayed asleep!

So, feeling frustrated and tired and engorged (I only pump at night, usually once the baby falls back asleep), in desperation I remembered the swing--a toy that I thought was gimmicky and over-the-top once Maizey was born, my baby didn't need a swing just some old fashioned rocking by her mama...um, I was wrong-o.

I set the baby in, turned on the cheezy music with birds chirping in the background, and for the first moment in many she was quiet. Now, she's sleeping, yes sleeping. I'm blogging to kill the time until she is in deep deep sleep. I don't want to risk moving her even a second before. The trouble is I think the batteries are running out and there isn't a C battery for miles (okay maybe only one mile).

Here is Maizey as the grogginess sets in:

Monday, May 19, 2008

So this is what they mean when they say "time flies"...

I've learned that when you have a baby the days run into each other. I thought last Friday was Tuesday. I can't believe that Maizey is going to be one month old this week, how is that even possible? It literally seems like we just got home from the hospital yesterday. Not only does time seem to fly by, but my baby seems to be growing bigger each second. Here are the vital stats: Maizey went from 5lbs3oz down to 4lbs10oz, now she is up to 6lbs 6oz--just 3.5 weeks later!!! She was 18.75in and today measured just over 20inches! You know you're a parent when this is the most exciting news you can think of to deliver to your friends and family.

Yesterday the best thing happened: Maizey smiled at me...twice! This is technically too soon for a smile, according to books, but I know this was not a "gas" smile, this was my baby smiling at her silly mama. She did it again this morning. All I had to do was flash her a big smile and talk silly to her and she smiled, and it's the cutest smile I've ever seen.

We also took Maizey to her first movie last week, unfortunately it was Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Kirkland Parkplace offers movies every other Friday morning that you can bring your babies to. They turn the volume down a bit and everyone accepts that babies will probably cry during the movie. But our exceptional baby didn't make a peep. We had a lot of fun, even though the movie was subpar with gratuitous male full-frontal, we plan to go every other Friday through the end of the summer. Ryan's Google calendar is packed full.

We're taking the baby to the cabin this weekend, it will be her first visit to Tahuya. I'm hoping that I can manage away from home. I'm nervous about forgetting something of vital importance--like my hooter hider/nursing apron. But mostly I'm really excited for Maizey to get to experience the most important place in the world to me. I can't wait to sit around a bonfire with her, or to take her on long walks alongside the canal.

As for the rest of us (the dogs and Ryan and me), we stink. It's hard to find the time to shower. And, Louise needs a bath like nobodies business, she's beyond even smelling like dog--what comes after a dog? A monkey? Okay she smells like a monkey. I'm mourning the loss of my waistline, and the loss of a closet full of cute clothes that all I can do now is look at. I'm becoming an everymom who wears stretchy fabrics and rotates the 2 or 3 outfits that actually fit, so that every time you see me there is a 1 in 3 chance you've already seen this outfit and then the chances rise with each subsequent visit. My hair has become more of an obligation than an accessory, and the pedicure I got the week before Maizey came is crumbling away faster than you can say "I'm due for a pedicure." Ryan is doing significantly better than me, he showers more often than I do, and he finally managed to mow the lawn and weed the beds this weekend. I think that our neighbors were getting concerned that if they came to the front door they may have to call the police to report a suspicious, foul odor--now they know we're alive and kickin-ish.

Life is good.

Here are more photos of the worlds cutest baby:

Mama and MaizeyDaddy and Maizey takin' a napRockin' yet another cute outfit from Auntie RickiFirst trip to the park. It was a little chillier than anticipated!Nappin--againNappin' in her crib

Getting ready for her first trip to Home Depot

Recovering from her first trip to the Depot...

Being the cutest baby in the world. Ready for our trip to the doctor this morning.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Cutie Patootie

Maizey is doing great, I still have to wake her up at night--so I average about 7 hours a night of sleep, with about an hour and a half break in the middle, not so bad. She got up to her birth weight (and exceeded it slightly) by Monday. Most babies take 2 weeks to reach this milestone...not my baby, this is one of a lifetime of early achievements--mark my words. Other than that, she is as cute and silly as ever. She is looking more and more like Ryan every day, especially in the eyes and lips. I think she got his laid back temperament too, lucky for me, oh and his bowels--not so lucky for me.

In time I will figure out how to manage my time better so I can give more thorough updates, but for now this will have to do. :-)

Here are a couple of my new favorite pics.

This is how I multi-task

Maizey sleeping in her standard karate pose

Looking very sad in her boppy

Big Yawn!

Baby and me. Ryan told me I look like a member of the Jackson family in this picture.