Wednesday, November 26, 2008

7 months!

Hello all! Well, our little girl hit the seven month mark yesterday! Can you believe it? I remember being 7 months pregnant like it was yesterday--truly. I didn't ever think this day would come for me (I didn't think I'd ever get pregnant, let alone have my own adorable 7 month old), and I'm so excited that it has. So far, this is Maizey's best age. I know I keep saying that, but, she's just so animated and fun! This morning she was so groggy and then Porter walked in the bedroom and the moment she saw him she went from being groggy to crazy! She smacked her arms down and screamed/laughed. It was insanely adorable. We're both just getting over being sick. Maizey handled her cold like a champ--she was hardly fussy and still slept really well. She never complained that I followed her around with a suction bulb, it turned out to be a really fun toy for her--she would bite it like and ice cream cone.
We got her Christmas outfit this week. I bought one a couple of weeks ago and it was metallic brocade and edgy baby, but it didn't feel right. So I went looking again and then I found it this week. It's much frillier and traditional, but for Christmas I decided I want my baby to look like a baby. Not edgy. My cousin Beth told my mom, who told me, that they don't make baby clothes anymore--they make adult clothes for babies. I think that is really true. Most times I think it's cute to dress them like little fashionistas, but sometimes you just want your baby to be a baby. Anyway, I can't wait to post photos of Maize in her special outfit, but you're going to have to wait until closer to Christmas time...

So, I'm done breastfeeding. I was so happy to get my body back this week, and then within 1 day of "getting my body back," I really got it back--um let's just say that I slept with a heating pad and a bottle of Ibuprofen last night for the first time in over a year and a half. It turns out I don't want my body back. I'll continue pumping thanks. Unfortunately, it's over now. I'm back to being regular me...buying Costco jars of Advil Liquigels and eating only for one. Bu-bye donuts and dessert. It was nice knowing you. Oh's the holidays, right? I guess I can live it up for another month or so under the guise of the holidays. Phew.

We had the Zarlings over last weekend. Harper is getting so big and adorable, she's old enough now that she "gets" Maizey and their interaction was so fun to watch. We ever think they may be starting to look alike--afterall they both have the "Gebow" eyes.

Enjoy some photos below, we're heading down to W.Sea tonight to get some new photos taken for our Christmas card. Props to cousin Carmen who already got her cards out--that is amazing!

Maizey playing the pans. I love my Gymboree Play book on days when I'm like "what do I do to entertain a baby?" BTW, that's her dress in the background--this is not an outfit:-)

Harper and Maizey. HEADS!

Harper was happy to play with Maizey.

And maybe a little scared...

Maizey can be a little intense!

Don't they look alike?
With pacifiers:

Cutie baby.
Crazy baby!

Just waking up from a nap yesterday. She always wakes up silly happy but with only one sock on. It's one of the great mysteries...
Utter happiness.

OOh. There is our other dog. I know you thought we got rid of her since she never appears on this blog. It's only because she is always right in this spot.

My dad called me out and told me that I said I'd post this video, but never did. I just didn't think people wanted anymore videos/photos of Maizey in her exersaucer. I promise we don't keep her chained to it. This is her getting crazy every time Porter gets close. When I say she loves that dog, I REALLY mean she LOVES that dog!!!


Jessica Zevely said...

It doesn't get any cuter than this!!! I have a picture of Jackson with 2 binkys in his mouth..I think I might have to put them in a frame together...that is adorable! And Harper is SO cute...I just want to squish her little cheeks!!! What a cutie pie. Have a GREAT Thanksgiving! I can't believe she's already 7 months old!!!

Love you guys!

Beth Zarling said...

Those are some cute babies! After all, they have some super hot mommies, so it figures!

Ricki-Ratzzi said...

So I am sitting here eating a big chunk Bakery Nouveau three chesse pizza, wishing I could rationalize this decision and follow my lunch with a quick "pump". Lana I am so proud of the crazy special little neicey you've raised... Those pictures of M&H are great, and so cute - it's amazing how much lil' Z looks like her mama...

Barb said...

I wish I could pump too:) Really cute pictures and great that the kids will grow up together. Soooooooo Special Ma

al said...

ready for another post please