Sunday, November 9, 2008

Moving right along

Little Maizey baby is moving right along. Things are still looking really good around her incision. It will be exciting to see the bandage come off on Tuesday, I'll definitely post some more photos then. She's growing up so fast it's making me crazy. She's definitely got her own agenda these days, and the abilities to put her ideas into action. This point was highlighted this morning when she wiggled her little body off the couch and onto the floor. There is nothing worse than hearing a thud followed by the sound of a screaming baby, you know that whatever you find won't be good. Ryan and I shared equal responsibility on that one, we both walked out of the room "just for a second" and that is all it took. We felt like terrible parents, but we won't ever let that happen again. Luckily, Maizey was pretty unfazed and there is no obvious injury. Another example: yesterday we were taking a family shower (something we really love to do) and in one swift move Maizey grabbed the shower handle, turned the water to BOILING hot, grabbed the soap dish, and dropped it onto the floor (shattering into a bunch of teeny porcelain pieces)--all while in her dad's arms! Yes, she was able to pull this off while being held/restrained! Then while I was trying to pick up the pieces on the floor (and laughing hysterically) she peed all over Ryan, who was forced to stand frozen in the shower so he didn't cut his foot! It was quite a spectacle. Again, luckily Maizey wasn't touched by the hot hot water, Ryan was the one who bore the brunt of the spectacle (nearly burned by water and peed on). Anyway, we're learning that we have one squirrely little mamacita on our hands.

I know I'm a little late on the trend, but, Pandora is amazing. I finally just got my station going, and I'm constantly being surprised at how my computer is psychic. It's constantly choosing music that I love, by artists I love even though I didn't even list that artist as one of my faves--it just knew. Except once it chose a Third Eye Blind song for me--which was really unexpected and weird. It's so wonderful.

Maizey hasn't nursed in, like, 2 weeks or so. I think I can officially say that she doesn't nurse anymore. It breaks my heart. The girl has to have her space, I wish she was a little less independent. I would cuddle her all day if she let me. I think that her need to be independent is why she won't nurse anymore. Oh well. I'm still pumping. I plan to pump until I start anatomy in January--then I'm DONE! I do wish I could give her breast milk through the cold/flu season so she'd get my antibodies, but I can't put anatomy off another quarter!

Okay, I gotta run. Here are some photos for you to enjoy! I don't know if people get bored of seeing photos of Maize, but I can't possibly imagine how that would be possible.

So, maybe it's a strangulation hazard, but she LOVES the measuring tape. If she's really upset I just give her the measuring tape and all is well!

This is after the shower spectacle.

Daddy had a surprise for mommy.

It was a good one!

Getting ready for a trip to Costco. Georgia should recognize the hat and the dress!

She's pretty good at sitting up, but she still takes a spill from time to time. I just happened to be taking a photo at the very right moment to catch this one! She cetainly looks cute when she's falling!

She LOVES her Porter! She was pretty bummed that the Seahawks lost again today, but she was happy that they were playing better than they had been. I think she said "at least we didn't get our asses handed to us this week" or something...
I know I have a lot of videos of Maize being crazy in her exer-saucer, but it's always so cute. Oh, Ryan did wake up and he came out moments after I stopped taping.


Lacey said...

Okay, she is just the cutest little lady I have ever seen. I am still laughing at the shower story. I am so glad to hear she is doing so well from her surgery. I can't imagine being in your place! You are a tough family!! Keep the pictures coming, I just LOVE looking at them all!!

Georgia said...

I could never get bored looking at pics of her!! BTW, im sure it won't be the last time she'll tumble off the couch...! D still does!! I can't wait to see pics w/ her bandages off!! yeaah!!

Ricki-Ratzzi said...

LOL. The drawer shot was classic. She'll want to use that against RyRy at some point in her life. If she's anything like her mother, I could imagine her saying something like, "well at least you still don't put me in drawers when I've been bad..."

Beth Zarling said...

That video is hilarious. She loves whatever that thing is she kept putting in her mouth!