Sunday, November 16, 2008

Small, Medium, Large

I wanted to look again at these progressions and compare them to today.
May 3rd 2008. 8 days old.


June 26th 2008. 2 months old.


November 15 2008. Nearly 7 months old.

It's kind of hard to tell because the insert isn't in the seat anymore, but you can definitely see the progress. It's crazy because that all felt so long ago, and also so recent. It's a bizarre feeling to watch your baby grow so quick and not be able to reconcile whether you can't wait to watch them grow up or whether you want them to stay little.

Not a lot else to blog on. Maizey is literally moments from crawling, tonight we made a ton of progress, it's like she just "got it" all of the sudden. She's healing beautifully and after looking back at photos, as recent as 2 weeks old, I realize that I don't miss the face bling. At all. Back then I would see a photo of Maize and I wouldn't notice the hemangioma. Now I look at those same photos and all I see is a big, red tumor on my little sweetie's beautiful face. I plan to advocate hard for the removal of those awful, little (and sometimes large) buggers. There is no reason to wait and I think it's so super lame of any physician to say "let's wait." It impacts families and babies in such a negative way and it's not necessary.

Okay, I'm stepping off my soap box.

Well, after a win-so-close-I-could-taste-it loss for the Seahawks today, Ryan and I said goodbye to Qwest field until 2009. We sold the rest of our season tickets so today was our last game. I'm tired and exhausted because of the emotional roller coaster (and the 1000 steps it takes to get to our seats--hopefully the crappy season will lead to better seats next season) so I'm off to bed, but not before a few more cutie photos.


Maize and her BFF. Ryan got this interaction on video, I'll post later.Squishing her face against the mesh wall of her baby prison.Yes, she's sitting on her knees like a big(gish) girl.


Jonathon said...

holy crap has she grown...and i love that you posted those pictures...she is such a pretty lady and i cant believe that she is already seven months -- it seems like you were pregnant just moments ago...

jon and nichole said...

that last comment was from nichole...oops!

Ricki-Ratzzi said...

Hey - the princess is now a little diva. We had so much fun yesterday, even though I had to deal with a GIGANTIC nasty baby poo. She is such a spazz, full of personality, and I absolutely love it.

Beth Zarling said...

The baby prison pic is HILARIOUS!

Georgia said...

That first picture doesnt even look like her! i cant believe she was so tiny!!