Wednesday, November 5, 2008

That was easy...

Well we're home and hemangioma free. The surgery went fabulously. The doc was able to completely remove the hemangioma, he doesn't anticipate any redness to be left behind--the scar will still be pink though. As of right now she has quite a bit of swelling and this is pulling down the corner of her eye, but the doc assures me that is just temporary and should go away over time. As for Miss Maize, she seems to be handling this like an old pro. She was groggy when she first came to us after surgery, but after a little nap she perked right up and was being silly and playful as usual. She isn't eating much and her voice is really hoarse from the breathing tube, but that's really the only way we can tell she had surgery today! It's been really weird and exciting to see her without her pretty, little red spot. Here are some photos from our exciting day. Ryan convinced me to take stills with the video camera, he said that it had more pixels than our regular camera. Well, that may be the case but the pics I took turned out really grainy, so sorry about the poor quality!
**Oh, we want to throw out mad props to Georgia--who is officially the most thoughtful person I know, for leaving a dinner gift certificate on our door. It was there when we got home with a note that said not to worry about having to make dinner. It's so considerate, and we will DEFINITELY be using it tonight. You're amazing and we love you!

Waiting to be taken back.

Checking out the fishies.

Looking adorable in her hospital gown.

Showing off her "toothy pegs." That is what Gpa and Gma Nisbet call them!

Groggy after surgery, but so happy to be eating!

Asleep in Grammy's arms. Her doc did an amazing job!

Kisses from daddy.

We were all feeling happy to be done with this!

Getting dressed to go home!

Home and back to being crazy. She passed out again after this!

THE BIG NEWS!!!! We were all so happy about Obama's victory! I'm so happy that my little girl gets to grow up with Obama as her first President (we aren't really counting the first 9 months of Bush being in office).


The LePiane's said...

Wow, wow, wow, wow, wow!!! I'm soooooo happy it's over!!!! I've never seen a hospital gown look cuter! And the pic of her asleep in Gma's arms...aaaahhhhh...soooo beautiful!

Georgia said...

Yeah! im so happy it's all done! i thought about you guys all day! It looks amazing, even from the pics..they did a great job! And im glad you will be using the dinner thing tonight! more time loving Maizey is way more important than making dinner!

jon and nichole said...

im so happy that everything went as planned for you guys :) i cant believe how different she looks, but she is seriously just as cute as ever :)

hows school going??

Mo said...

What a trooper- she looks happy and unfazed, and her eye looks great. The doctor did an amazing job! I'm glad it all went well- what a relief.

Ashley Bruggeman said...

I am so glad that things went well for baby Maizey! She looked so adorable in those pix. (And you look totally hot too! You have lost weight--I am jealous!) We will have to plan a little get-together for our girls when Maizey is fully recovered...

Jessica Zevely said...

AAAA!!!! She's the cutest little peanut. Ok the one in the hospital gown?? I guess I never realized they make them that small!!!! I'm in love..She's such a trooper! And I agree, you look TOTALLY HOT in all the pics. Georgia's so thoughtful...I wish I was cool like that :) I'm glad you guys are home! :)

Ricki-Ratzzi said...

I was there last night, and she was so funny, crazy and playful - like nothing even happened. I had a blast, and I am so lucky to have such a little beautiful dream of a neice.