Thursday, November 20, 2008

Doodle Bug

I guess I'm sorta out of interesting things to do/say/think. I'm totally that woman that just talks about her kids and thinks everyone must be so delighted by it. I catch myself doing this in class all the time, and when I sit down to post on my blog it's the same thing. I guess it's time to resign myself to mom jeans and a minivan. I was so convinced that I'd be a hip, young, cool mom-- you know the one who wears heels and hoops. But, it's not lookin' good for me. When I get dressed in the morning I just ask myself "would I feel okay if someone came to the door and I was wearing this?" If the answer is yes then I know I'm good. I should ask myself "if Nate Berkus came to the door and I was wearing this, would I feel okay?" The answer to that will probably never be yes. But, I did fill out a form to be on the Oprah show a couple of weeks ago, so maybe I should start working on it. The show topic was: Burdened by Bare Floors? Yes! We need rugs and I hope Nate comes to help us.

I think I'm pretty much done pumping. I'm down to once a day now and I'm not producing much milk anymore. I think I'll just keep going like this until I run out or produce so little that it isn't worth it. My guess is that will come in the next couple of weeks and then Maizey's little immune system will be on it's own (just in time for cold and flu season). Speaking of the immune system, do you want me to tell you how it works? About all the enzymes and cytokines and extravasation. I could. Are you impressed? I am. Anyway, it's not like the breast milk has provided her with an iron-clad immune system so far, she's sick right this moment. Runny nose, watery eyes--she looks so pathetic I just want to lay in bed with her all day and kiss her. So, that is pretty much what we did today.

Speaking of Maizey...she is my doodle bug. I LOVE LOVE her. But, she has started kicking me in her sleep--a lot!! This was a term I'd heard parents use all my life, and apparently I'm even guilty of having been a "kicker" but I think this was Allah's (I'm an equal opportunity worshipper) way of telling me to kick her little bottom out of my bed and into her own. Oh, if I didn't tell you, yes, we were trying to get her to sleep in her room, but, no, we suck and couldn't take the sad sad crying. It was like she was shouting "save me mama! Save me daddy!" So, until the kicking, I had resigned myself to the "family bed." Can't someone just work this out for me? Can't someone come and just do all the dirty work? Auntie Jessica? Can you come and get Maizey to sleep in her own bed? You're like Nanny 911 to me.

What else? Oh, I don't think I mentioned that my mom did find out she needed to have chemo. The cancer is gone, but this reduces her risk of recurrence down to 5%, so it's like an insurance policy. So it's more like happy chemo than sad, scary chemo. Right mom? Don't you feel happy to be having chemo??? :-) Anyway she had her first treatment on Wednesday and so far, so good. She's felt tired, but I think she's just being lazy ;-). We will see over the next few days how things go, sometimes it can take a few days for the side effects to kick in.

Okay. I'm off to go eat peppermint ice cream, yeah you heard me. You're just jealous. But, you're right, I'm not really eating for two anymore so things need to change. The idea of not being able to eat donuts scares the living daylights out of me. Is this what life was like before pregnancy and baby? I'd better get pregnant again fast so I can get my donut on. That's right. Uh-Na-nah-na-nah.

What does "living daylights" actually mean?

So happy that she can stand up in her crib. On her good days she can even pull herself up! She only sort of looks like Ryan.

It hurts so good.

Look who I just happened to stumble upon? She must have walked into the closet and climbed up all by herself.

OOh, what do we have here? It's my diaper bag! Maybe I'll just reach in and see what I can get.

OOh, Sofie Le Girafe! I'm only supposed to have this when I'm out of the house because Porter thinks it's his and mom doesn't want him to have an $18 chew toy.

Maybe I'll just drop it over here for him to have.

Bye Bye Sofie!
Yes, when she feels like it she feeds herself. Most times she just likes to keep mama and daddy busy. Notice the watery eyes and runny nose. Poor baby. I was getting ready in the bathroom the other day and Maizey was in the bedroom. She was starting to fuss because she was bored. Then all the sudden she started to laugh. This is what I found when I came in. Porter really is her BFF. He's the gentle giant. Such a good boy.

A minute, or so, of silly cuteness.


jon and nichole said...

:) so stinking cute!

Ricki-Ratzzi said...

My neicey is a special girl. You are the best mom, even if you are a little lame.

Georgia said...

OMG! she's so big!! and not cute at all!! no, not at all...

Jessica Zevely said...

Okay, first of all, thank you for saying that I'm your Nanny 911! I'm honored! BUT I don't know what kind of help I would be...because I would hold her the whole you'd be in a bit of a jam not sleeping because you're holding a baby all night..ha ha! She's so precious! She looks sooo different without her bling. I never realized how much I loved it until now that it's gone! But she's even cuter now..I don't know how that is possible...coming from ugly parents..ha ha :)

Barb said...

I'm speechlessly in love, grandma