Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A few things...

1) I shouldn't even be mentioning this because I don't want to "jinx" it, but today I am about 85% sure that Maizey's hemangioma has begun the involution process (when it shrinks away to nothing). Yesterday I was about 50% sure. Maybe tomorrow I will be 120% sure. Let's hope.

2) My skinny jeans from last summer are too big now. I love nursing (even though Maizey is down to breast feeding once a day and bottle the rest of the time--we are working hard to change this), I know that it is the only reason that I keep loosing weight and I'm thinking of pumping for the rest of my life. Erika tells me it's not that I'm skinnier, it's just that I have no butt now (which is, sadly, true), thanks beotch.

3) Maizey is almost sitting up. And, we got to take the infant insert out of her carseat since she is over 11lbs now (we assume). All these milestones that we never even knew existed now elate us!
4) She woke me up last night at 2:30 (this hasn't happened in at least a month) for an hour and a half. She was so hyper and having so much fun, that I couldn't be mad. I took a video--see below.
5) I'm having oral surgery today. I can't even have the normal "twilight" anesthesia they give since I'm nursing. It's just gonna be some local and some vicodin for nreves/pain. Hopefully I don't feel like dying tomorrow...and my mom is out of town so she can't even take care of me (I hate not getting to be the baby anymore).

6) Porter had explosive diarrhea in the kitchen in the middle of the night. My darling husband left it there for me to clean up this morning because, afterall, I don't have anything to do when I wake up, right? What I learned from the clean up process is that poop sticks to natural stone more than it does to mortar. This surprised me.

Video and recent photos of my crazy Maizey...

Ryan and Maize.

She is finally using her adorable "Maizey" pacifiers from Auntie Beth.

With Auntie Erika in the cutest hoodie ever.

This was my hyper, little bambina at 4am this morning.


Beth Zarling said...

I think your butt looks great. I may be on the breastfeeding for life plan too. It's great!
I am sorry you are having surgery without the good stuff. It makes it worth while!
I am also glad she is taking the pacifiers I bought her. They are for 3+ mo, so she is meeting another (less important) milestone!

Georgia said...

I sooo remember those times when D started to wake up just to play..i wanted so bad to sleep, but it was so cute you just had to love it!!

jon and nichole said...

that sucks about the poopy -- my dog has had explosive puke -- and its been absolutely horrible to clean after day after day...he had the poops about 2 weeks ago and i wanted to kill myself....

your baby girl looks oh so cute...i cant wait to have mine :)