Monday, July 14, 2008

Big Girl!

I'm referring to Maizey in the title there, not myself.

Not a lot of new info to report. I may or may not have mentioned the fact that my little mamacita is holding her head/chest up like a 4month old (not the little 2.5 month old that she is). She has definitely developed some strong neck muscles, but I think it helps that she has a little head like her daddy. If she had the HUGE Gebow head I can guarantee that she'd be months away from holding up her giant noggin.

Today was a pretty intense day. I cried at Babies 'R Us. Maizey had a pretty tough morning but calmed down enough that I thought it was safe to run errands. Well, I was wrong. Maizey had a major melt down and I spent over an hour in the 90 degree mothers' room at Babies 'R Us trying to calm her down. To add insult to injury, they don't even carry the replacement part for my pump that I drove all the way down there to get. Anyway, I think the melt down can be attributed to the steroids she is taking for her hemangioma, she seemed to have a pretty upset tummy this evening and I think that caused the fussiness, and that the steroids caused the upset tummy. But my husband swooped in and saved the day, he came home early to take care of poor Maize so that I could finally eat a meal (it was almost 3pm and I hadn't really eaten) and decompress with a bowl of gnocchi and some Flipping Out on Bravo in my air conditioned bedroom. I can't imagine being a single mom who doesn't have someone to "save the day" on those occasions when we mamas need saving. God bless them.

Moving right along and on the sort of same topic, Maizey's hemangioma continues to grow. The steroids seemed to slow the growth initially, but it just keeps on truckin'. I'm trying to stay positive because at the end of the day I have a beautiful and healthy baby girl, but it's hard to see this tumor taking over her face. I try not to notice when people look at her hemangioma before they look in her eyes, but I see the strangers at the mall and at the grocery store doing just that. I'm sure I'd do the same, it's hard not to notice it. And of course Maizey is too little to know the difference, but I still have a strong desire to protect her from those reactions--and to protect myself. Anyway, we have another laser treatment this week and I will have the opportunity to chat with the dermatologist about what the next steps will be. I feel pretty sure that I won't keep her on steroids, and I really won't consider surgery until/unless the growth really starts to impede vision or ulcerates badly--but I'm not sure that I will have any other options than those, except for the wait-and-see. I will keep everyone updated about that.

Anyway, it was time to update the blog with some recent photos. So here you go...

This is Maizey's stinker face. But isn't the outfit from auntie Jessica so cute? She finally fits into it!

Here is my smiley baby at her doctor's appointment. Weighing in at a whopping 10lbs 6oz. I'm so proud!!

Maizey passed out in bed with her papa.

This is today, when daddy saved mama from a mini-nervous breakdown.

This is daddy burping Maizey--he can always cheer her up (to my delight/chagrin)!

Here is Maizey showing how even with a BMI of only 14 (yes they actually told me her BMI), you can still have a double-chin (or as I like to call it--a frame for her pretty face). Look at those big blue eyes... even after an hour of screaming in the mothers' room at BRU, all she has to do is flash me those eyes and everything seems okay again.

Her favorite place to be.

So pleased with herself!

Look at my strong baby! She is growing up...

This is how her face looks when she coos--notice the flared nostrils?? Too cute.


lacers said...

I just love all the pictures. She is becoming quite the little lady!! Yay on doubling birth weight. And I have to agree that having someone come and save the day is the best gift.

Jessica Zevely said...

I want to squeeze those chubby little legs of hers. She is so cute I can't wait to see her :)