Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Mostly Pictures

Not a lot new to report. Maizey is doing great. She is silly and smiley all the time. She only cries now when something is really wrong. We had a wedding last weekend and then went to the cabin the first half of this week. Fun fun fun. Oh, I think my house is haunted. Scary. And, we are really into BabyLegs legwarmers, they're the cutest and most practical baby invention ever!! It was really hot today and I love the evenings of really hot days because our house is super hot and muggy so the whole fam (dogs, kitty, and all) go into our bedroom, which has a/c, and eat dinner in bed and watch movies (plural)'s a total guilty pleasure and it reminds me of being in a hotel room (only I'm usually doing laundry or something too and that doesn't usually happen in a hotel room). I think that's it???



A little munchkin asleep on a big couch.

Now that Maizey can grab things, this is our new predicament with hats.

Maizey enjoying her reflection with Grammy.

Here she is trying really hard to sit forward on her own. She ends up just sort of doing a sit-up and grunting.

Cute and nude on a hot day.

All dressed in her swimming gear to cool off in the water.


She loves her silly pop.

She loves to stand (btw that's just her drool next to her foot).

Lovin' the kisses from daddy.


Barb said...

totally a princess, love love and more love, a lucky grandma to boot:)

Jessica Zevely said...

It just keeps getting better and better...she's beautiful. I know I always say the same thing...but you are so lucky. She's just perfect.

Ariana said...

Lana, Maizey is SO adorable! She is also the best dressed gal I've ever seen :) Ari (big Ari, I should say... not to be confused with my niece...)

Georgia said...

ditto, ditto..what more can i say! Im in love!!

jon and nichole said...

i absolutely love the leggings -- and im for sure going to have to get some...where did you find them?? she is seriously getting so big and even cuter as the days go by...congrats appears that you are truly loving motherhood :)