Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Maizer Daze

That's what we call Maizey. Or, pumpkin, pumpkin face, pumpkin sauce, bambina, bambi, bean, love, little love, lover, lover bug, bug, sweet pea, sweetie peetie, babe, Maize, you get the point.

Maizey's teething went from matter-of-fact to "holy crap, this is sucks ass!" Poor pumpkin has had 2 terrible nights in a row. Pretty much the only thing that made her happy tonight was chewing on her pacifier and a the brief moments after the application of Baby Orajel--I can't believe this stuff is only 4 times daily, I think that 4 times an hour would suit our needs better. If there is any positive to this process, it's that she sleeps a TON. Today she basically took a nap from 11am-5pm--she did wake up for an hour at about noon.

We spent the last few days at a family friend's house in La Conner. It was really nice and relaxing and we ate VERY well (good for the soul but not the butt). The weather was crummy so we didn't get to go in her pool, but that's a Seattle summer for you.

Here are some new photos...
Classic Maizey-getting-changed pose.

Maize and Daddy at a visit to cousin Harper's house. Isn't he cute? My Matt Hasselbeck.

Mama and Maize at Shelley's house. Maizey refuses to take a picture where she actually looks happy to be with me.

Juicy buns. Cutest thing ever. Thanks George.

Maizey enjoying her time at the Mexican restaurant.

Enjoying some tummy time today...during her one hour break from napping.

Here I am trying to keep Maizey happy during her tough night.

Do we look alike? Maybe if I smuged some mascara under her eyes and didn't bathe her for 3 days too...

Here is Daddy's attempt at keeping her happy.

This is what a good job he did...


Georgia said...

OMG...she is getting so big! I cant believe that outfit fits her already! She's the cutest thing ever..seriously

Ricki-Ratzzi said...

I miss her, and can't wait to see her/spend time with her next week! YEAH ME, YEAH MAIZEY POO!

Jessica Zevely said...

She's chubby! I love it :)

You look AWESOME by the way! You are so skinny!!!

al said...

i can't wait to meet her lana! I love that picture of her and ryan and you and her. You look so so so happy to be parents. I am so happy for your guys. hearts auntie a

twoLs said...

hello there! i fell upon your blog while searching.. i love your baby bump pics!! they are awesome!

i'm totally new to this whole blogging thing & i noticed you are able to add "blog friends" to your profile.. i've been trying to figure out how to do that for days now!! i found interesting blogs that i'd like to keep reading, but i dont know how to add their links to my profile - if you could let me know how to do that, i would be eternally greatful!! : )