Sunday, December 7, 2008

Crawling here we come

Hey dudes. So I don't have long, I'm taking a break from studying for a little bit, but I've got little Maizey-doodle beside me playing in the Jumperoo and you never know how long that'll last!
So, first things first. I need to apologize for my last post, in which I used the word "bitch." Apparently, my dad worried that it might make some of my readers think less of me. I know you all thought I didn't swear, but I guess I f**ked that up ;-) (I was gonna type the real word until I saw it in print, and then actually thought less of myself).
Last night Maizey spent the night with my parents. Ryan and I went and saw Role Models, which literally made me laugh so hard I cried at least 2 or 3 times. It was so nice to sleep in bed alone and then sleep in. I needed that SO bad. But, it was really good to get her back today. When she's gone it's like I have phantom limb pain, I'm always thinking about checking on her or trying to figure out where she is on this really instinctive level. It's a little confusing. Plus life is just more fun with her around, even though it's a little harder and a LOT more exhausting.
Okay, I gotta get to why I came here today. So, she's not crawling YET. But, she almost is. She'll take a little "step" here and there, but not more than 2 in a row. She can also pull herself up from sitting to standing given the right equipment (crib rails, coffee table). She's making a lot of strides this week. It's nuts. She's also learned to blow "raspberries" (I HATE that term--for no good reason, but it's all I know to call it).

We're also in the middle of repainting the majority of our house, so the house is in major disarray. The plan was to have completed it this weekend, but things always take longer than planned. I'm dying. I've been looking so forward to Christmas with Maizey and I haven't even been able to decorate. I've been sorta scroogey the last few years and this was my year to "go big" and make up for it. I'll still go big, I'll just go a little shorter than hoped for. We should be done by Wednesday so hopefully I can decorate Thursday.
Maizey is following in her famous cousin Ariana's footsteps. Children's Hospital came and took pictures of her this week while we were visiting the doctor. The doctor actually said she looked so cute (her outfit was really cute) and she was so upbeat and happy so he thought she'd be a good baby for photos. I'll know for sure how they'll be using the photos later, I'm just waiting for a letter in the mail. Ari actually had a write up, so she definitely is a little more famous than Maizey.


Asleep. I don't intentionally pull her hats over her eyes, but I find she sleeps much better that way in the car ;-)

Porter wonders why we like to dress Maizey like a giant dog toy.

Happy girl.

All Christmased out.

Here is a long sorta boring video, but we got some raspberries on tape. I really do hate the word raspberries. Ugh, hurry up and load damn video. I'm actually getting sprayed by spit right this moment as Maizey is blowing raspberries and chewing on her insurance card. Seriously, it's taking like over a half hour to load this video, I keep checking and it's not done. Maybe there's something wrong?? I don't know, but I sure hope you enjoy it 'cause it's taking FOREVER. I'm going to give Maizey a bath now and if it's not done after that, I quit!


jon and nichole said...

well thank you for taking the time to post that video - it was super cute!! i cant believe how grown up she seriously seems like it was just yesterday that you had her...and its making me sad thinking about having to go back to work in january -- i hope i dont miss out on ella doing all those cute things :(

anyways - i hope you do well on your final, i spent the entire weekend doing mine and it SUCKED, im so glad that its over and done with now...well, until january...ehhh...

we should really get the girls together...i know that ella cant do much, but it would be so much fun to see you, especially since we live so freaking close!

Barb said...

I didn't get to see the rasberries this weekend:( I had a ball and figured why I was so tired. when I am with the little bundle I become a greAT BIG BALL OF ENERGY and wear myself out. I think that Maizeylou is smarter than me and knows how to handle her gramma. She will probably be saying to herself uh oh gramma is coming. he hee gramma g

Ricki-Ratzzi said...

I love her and miss her. She's amazing and bright, and the smartest most beautiful neicey EVER. I love the video.

Jessica Zevely said...

Aw!!! That's awesome! She's getting so big! I miss her so much :) And you too! I can't wait to see you guys on Saturday! Are you bringing her to the party? I hope! She's absolutely gorgeous...I just want to squish her little cheeks and kiss her. The naked one is TOO cute!!!! You guys are the cutest family ever.

Jessica Zevely said...

Oh! And a WAY quicker way to upload videos is takes like 30 seconds. :)

Beth Zarling said...

That butt pic is so CUTE! I might have to do one of Harper now.
I think it took so long to load because it was almost 2 minutes. If it's a long video, it can take YEARS to upload.