Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Stream of consciousness...

The US bombs Syria and 4 children die. But, that's okay because they are terrorists. Wait, who's the terrorist? Hurry up and get here January 20, 2009 (I'm pretty sure that somewhere a US "Patriot Act" computer just set off an alarm).

So, I'm totally breaking out. I'm trying to remember if my friends' parents had zits when I was growing up, and I think the answer to that is...no. So, why am I? Maybe they did have zits and I didn't notice because they weren't actually people, just parents of people.

I'm hoping that the old Tom and Katie interview where Oprah visits their home is on the net somewhere 'cause I'd like to watch it upon completion of this blog post.

I'm so annoyed with getting crappy grades in my micro class. I'm going to meet with my teacher to discuss this. I've never had to do this sort of thing before. It's lame that in real life a mid-B is totally acceptable, but in terms of getting into the nursing program a mid-B may as well be an F.

I've had a venti iced coffee and 2.5 diet Dr. Peppers tonight, which is why I'm posting and not asleep.

I think you have to have a good sense of humor to do step aerobics.

I'm worried I might be dealing with some anxiety troubles again these days. Last night I was worried that Maizey was going to dry-drown (yes it's a real thing) from choking on some pool water. Tonight I was worried in class when I heard the symptoms of Y. pestis (aka the PLAGUE) because Maizey had 3 of the symptoms. Not just like "wouldn't it be bad if..." moments, but pit in my stomach "this could really be real" moments. On top of those two things I can't stop thinking about next Wednesday--the dreaded surgery. I'm going to need to be medicated. BIG time. Is this a mom thing, or do I have an anxiety disorder?

I'm thinking that I'm going to miss the hemangioma when it's gone. It's part of my baby.

Tuesday nights just aren't the same without the Rachel Zoe Project on Bravo. Project Runway doesn't do it for me anymore. Maybe when it's on A&E in LA it'll be good again.

I'm never going to give Maizey peas again. It was like serving a bowl full of dirty diapers.

Maizey now weighs 16lbs and is 25" tall. She's doing much better than she was. She has gained 3lbs in less than 2 months.

I have this stuck in my head: "Guess what? I'm still a rockstar, I've got my rock moves and I don't need you..." I don't even like Pink. This is what I get for watching the Today show.

I think that's it. Here are some photos...

Her Halloween hat.

Every time she finds her feet it's like she's finding them for the first time. They're far more fascinating and delicious than any toy or food.

I really knew Ryan had become a dad when all he wanted to do for birthday number 29 was to go to the zoo with Maizey.

Maizey really liked the carousel.

She was about 2ft (and an inch of glass) from a big, male orangutan with HUGE cheek pouches!
It's amazing and sad to see these huge, wild animals this way!

Maizey was very concerned about animal welfare in zoos.

We met up with Jess and Greg and their beautiful, sweet, little pseudo-daughter Sydney.

Let me explain. Pretty much the only way I can get Maizey to eat solids is if I give her the spoon. She wants to chew the spoon because she is in the oral phase, this usually means that at least some of the food will make it into her mouth, which is more than the none she lets me get in. So, things get pretty messy when it's solids time.

Baby prison.

I was going back and forth between Obama and Bob Barr. I chose Obama--I figured I'd go for the underdog.


Jessica Zevely said...

OH Lana..I love your blogging. I'm confident that Maizey will recover so quickly from her mini surgery, although I know this has to be the scariest thing as a mom.
Love you!
Jess :)

jon and nichole said...

okay, so i have to agree with jess -- you blogging is the best..it always makes my day a little bit brighter...

btw - the pictures of baby girl - AMAZING, she is so freaking cute and i totally cant get over it...she just loves having her picture taken and has so much personality :)

i totally feel ya on the whole freaking out thing - everytime i get in the car with ella, i think im gonna make her head fall off when i turn a corner...and i thought she was going to choke to death the other night cause she spit up for the first time...i dont know how people deal with this stuff...when you are pregnant you worry about eating and doing the right things, but now that they are here -- its so much scarier...i hope it gets easier...

btw, i love that you watch the today show too...its one of the many shows that i am totally addicted to - that i must watch during the day...lol...

ps. school sucks, i totally feel ya on that one...

Beth Zarling said...

I also loved the stream of thought. Maybe they will let you keep Maizey's love button. You could keep in in a jar necklace ala Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob.
I also suffer from mommy paranioa (sp?). It manifests in dreams for me. I have at least one a night where I leave Harper somewhere or someone tries to hurt her or something along those lines. We need to get used to it because my mom says it lasts for YEARS!

Georgia said...

you know my thoughts on my "thoughts" i have about my kids..im always laying in bed thinking..what if ..they got abducted, or in a car accident..or what if i did? what would they think..it consumes me all the time..i hate it..
and i also get needing to be medicated before the surgery..but trust me you'll want to be "all there" for her! it will be over before you know it!

Georgia said...

I just realized my comments might keep comeing accross like "ive been there, its no big deal"..that's not what I'm trying to say..hope you know that! I mean that I have been there so i know how scary it is :)