Sunday, October 19, 2008

My Girl

She's so amazing and fun and silly and sweet and everything good. You can see her two lower teeth now and even with the pain I'm sure that brings, she almost never complains.

On the other hand, I complain all the time. Here is my complaint for today. School is kicking my butt. The only time I ever do poorly is if I don't try. If I try I can always do well. Until this quarter. Now I work my ass off and get 78% on a test. Oh well. I'm trying not to obsess over it.

Here is a video of my little sweetie laughing. You have to wait until the end to get a really good one...


Georgia said...

She is so ridiculously (sp?) cute and happy!! That laugh is insane!

jon and nichole said...

i just have to say that she is absolutely amazing -- her laugh is so freaking cute and i love seeing her so happy...i hope that i can be half as great of a mother as you are lana...i feel so lost and i keep hoping im doing things right...if you have any advice, im all ears :)

i love that you are in school sucks doesnt it?? lol...i spent all day friday and yesterday doing a final (my professors were jerks, i mean i had a baby a week ago...gerrr) but i have one more class for the its good to know that it is possible to be a mom and go to school...even if we do have to try that much harder :)

hope to see you soon!

Beth Zarling said...

I could never even get a 78% in the science kind of classes you are taking. Plus, you have a lot going on!
She is so damn cute. I can't wait until Harper starts to really laugh.
I love seeing Ryan though. It is so cute to see your husband do ANYTHING to make his daughter happy.