Monday, August 17, 2009

My baby's got sauce!

And by sauce I don't just mean attitude, I mean snot. Maizey has a cold. This is what she gets from kissing every kid and a few of the adults at her Little Gym class last week. She's learning the penalty for being, er, promiscuous??? at an early age. Anyway, it's terrible. Not as bad as a stomach flu, but still not fun. After she wakes up she is pretty happy and content for a couple of hours, but then she gets fussy and it's all downhill from there. Night time sucks. Sleeping is not fun. Maizey can't breathe very well so she'll sleep for a couple of hours and then wake up for a couple of hours. And, of course, that means I'm up with her. Oh well. Hopefully it's a short cold, it came on pretty quick, so maybe it will fizzle out quick too.

Not much new to report. I'm working hard on my nursing school application. It's so exciting and scary. The application is a lot of work, a lot of boxes to check off. I'm having to study remedial math for the basic math test we have to pass. No calculators allowed, so I'm having to relearn very long division. It's annoying, but pretty easy once you brush up on it. I met with my advisor last week who told me I'm a "very competitive" candidate, which made me feel better. Nothing more frightening than working so hard for something and not knowing if you'll make the cut! I won't find out until probably December and would start in January.

Ryan, Maizey, and I (and Lou) are headed to the cabin for vacation this week. Ryan hasn't taken any vacation time since Christmas, so I'm excited to get away. Plus, the weather is supposed to be really great.

What else? Nothing really. I'm looking forward to Christmas. And, on that note, I think it's time to proceed with the photos.

Oh yeah, Ryan and I have watched 50 episodes (the first 2 seasons) of Lost in the last 2 weeks. Quite a feat when you have a 15 month old. And, a nice way to spend those beautiful summer days. The show is mostly just annoying to me now, but I have to watch it. It's like crack--bad, low quality, last resort kind of crack.

Maizey and I went to visit auntie Erika last week. We took Cash on a walk at Lincoln park. The leaves were already beginning to fall and Maizey and I were dressed the same, so an impromptu photo session was in order...
There's nothing "natural" about this pose, but you can see our matching outfits...
Look at her teeth!

I want to kiss those lips right now.
No, this did not come in a frame I bought, it's real!
Oh my god, I LIVE for this...
Beautiful fall, beautiful girl. She's obsessed with this little backpack. It zips onto the carrier backpack that we just bought for her, which we love. Every morning she finds this backpack, fills it with treasures, and carries it around like she's the most important person on the planet--which she is.
Here she is mid-sneeze this morning. Can you see the goo coming out from her nose and mouth?
Here she is yesterday morning. Do you like her crazy-morning-just-trying-to-keep-her-warm-in-clothes-i-don't-care-about-getting-messy outfit?
Waiting for daddy to finish mowing the lawn so we can go out and play!
Being silly!

Daddy! Are you done yet?? This is her sick today. She can still party like a rock star, and do yoga like Madonna.

We were having our daily, mandatory outdoor time. We're trying to instill this in her so she doesn't end up being an indoors-only, tv watchin' girl--basically so she doesn't turn into me. She thinks I'm nuts.
We have to mandate outdoor time for Lou too. She's an indoor girl.
I tell Maizey all the time not to text and drive at the same time, it's so dangerous!
She wanted my Iced Mocha sososo bad, so I finally let her try a sip to punish her. She immediately dropped this cup and gagged. Thankfully it went my way. I'm pretty sure she won't be begging for iced mochas anymore.
She found a soft place to sit.
Sharing her animal crackers with Lou.
Jessica, Georgia, the kids, and I went to the Taste of Edmonds yesterday. To my dear friend Jill, who rounds out our foursome, this was improptu and in no way did we intend to exclude. Don't feel bad, you just missed over priced food and poor event planning--too many people in too little of a space!
I didn't get the memo to wear pink ;-)
Maizey trying cotton candy for the first time, she didn't get it.
Sporting the fancy crown that auntie Jess helped her make!
Cute kids in crowns.
Ari and her balloon doggy.

Happy family.
Auntie Jess and Maizey.
I figured I should probably try to get Ryan on this blog occasionally. So here is a funny photo I found of him eating chicken and watching Dr. Phil. Getting in touch with his feminine side.

Here is another one of him. I look cute, he looks kooky. But it's better that than the other way around, if you ask me. He's still super cute and I love him.


Melissa Moore said...

Lana, love all of the pics, but one of you and Maizey looking at each other is sooo cute. I just love those good (rare with toddlers) perfect pics.

The LePiane's said...

1) How did you get the mid-sneeze shot of Maiz?????
2) I appreciate the shout-out. I gasped a little when I saw the pic, frantically looking around for myself as if I forgot that I went to the taste ;)

Barb said...

all of the girls having fun is so special,darling photos of Maizey as usual and I really like the last one of you and Ryan. Yes yo baby has sauce;) Mom

Mo said...

Great pictures, and you are so funny as usual Lana!!!

For Maizey's cold, maybe a humidifier would help at night? We have one for Emilie and it really helps her sleep better. She had a million colds last year with daycare, and I've so enjoyed this summer since my mom has been watching her. Less than two weeks until she goes back to daycare and I start getting sick again :(

Troy and Ashley said...

Gheesh you're funny! If nursing school doesn't work out there's always a shot at being a comedian. Love the pics of your beautiful little girl, I know what you mean about the moments when she puts her head on your shoulder - Westyn is just starting to do that and it feels like I'm in heaven.

Beth Zarling said...

Are you kidding me? That last picture is hot of you both. And you look super thin.
I can't wait to see you guys at the cabin this weekend. We are bringing the bounce house!!!

Ashley Bruggeman said...

Baby is adorable and you look beautiful, but I think my favorite pic was the one of Ryan eating chix and watching dr. phil. :) Best of luck with nursing school apps! BTW-You lawn looks beautiful! When did you put in grass?