Saturday, August 29, 2009

Life is good--at the moment...

Well, life was good when I started this blog post, but I've been dilly dallying--you know when you stumble across old photos and videos and you end up spending hours on the computer when you never intended to? I was feeling great, drinking some good coffee, nibbling on a jelly donut and listening to my show tunes station on Pandora. But, I think my percocet is wearing off, so now I'm feeling a little pukey and my eyes are sensitive and my mouth is starting to hurt.

Actually, I think I will take a break from blogging for the moment. It's virtually unheard of for me to stop blogging in the middle of a blog post, but I promise, I will be back. SAVE NOW.

Well, I'm back, but I'm going to be brief. It turned into a really intense bout of nausea, but I ate some mashed potatoes and took more meds and now I'm feeling slightly better, but not great. My doctor told me that pain peaks at 48hrs post surgery, and she was right--almost to the minute! The title of this post is funny, I just saw it again. Life was good, but that is moment by moment right now.

Anyway, I sat down to blog because I was feeling so lucky. Between my mom, my husband, and my amazing mother-in-law, I've been well taken care of. I can't express to you how grateful I am to have such amazing grandmothers for my daughter. I was never as close to either one of my grandmas as Maizey is to BOTH of hers. Times were different though, I was one of many grandchildren on both sides, and Maizey is the only grandchild on either side! She is so loved and well taken care of by both sets of grandparents and by her her amazing auntie Erika. I'm sure my mom and Jan would love to have lots of grandchildren, but I always remind my mom how much better it is that she can fully devote herself to Maizey, and she's lucky to not have to spread herself too thin--she can focus 100% on Maizey--which is good because the diva demands it!

That's the other thing. Maizey has been sosososo much fun lately. I know I keep saying it, but this is my favorite age. Granted, I think it was about a month ago that I was blogging that I gave birth the devil incarnate, but I've adjusted and learned how to manage the craziness, and she was going through an especially devilish time back then. I'm always just a few steps behind her, so it takes me a few days/weeks to adjust to where she takes me. She's just so happy and silly and smart. It kills me. She's pretty good at repeating words, and my 2 favorites are Lou lou which she says "lur lur" and Spongebob which she says "sp-pause and nod her head-bob." Also, her dancing drives me crazy, the minute music comes on she throws her arms up in the air and just starts bouncing. This morning I put on her favorite kids' cd, which starts off with Old McDonald and she just let loose. It's the cutest thing ever. And, at Little Gym, she runs all over and just "sucks the marrow out of life" (I bet Thoreau never intended that to refer to playing at the Little Gym). She has so much joy she can't even contain it. It's addicting. And, she's jumping. There are kids who are 4-5mos older than her in her class and she's the only one who can jump and get air--we're talking a whole inch here, people!! She's not uber advanced with language, she's pretty much just doing what she should be, but she is very advanced with her motor skills. And, she has the best sense of humor of most any person I've ever met--let alone toddler.

So I said I'd be brief, I don't want to blog myself sick again, so I'm going to be true to that. I just want to thank my friends, all of whom have updated their blogs recently--except Georgia 'cause she's too busy making homemade donuts (who does that???). Also, I wanted to let my ladyfriends know that I'm going to start another blog, here in the very near future, where I just post old diary entries. I was rereading some of mine when I was going through my memory box the other day and they are hysterical! I want everyone to fish out their old diaries and get ready to share some of their own too. I'll setup the blog so that everyone can post--let me know if you want to get in on it. It'll be really funny. My first post is going to be an emotional letter that I wrote (but never gave) to my sister about how much I would miss her when she goes to college. Good stuff.


This is a photo I texted to my sis yesterday so that she could see my silly face. My narcotics had just started working and I was feeling good. I had been taking vicodin and it wasn't working at all so they gave me something stronger and I took it while the vidocin was still in my system. I sent Erika the text with picture and told her I was higher than I had been since I was a teenager. She loved it and insisted I put it on the blog. Needless to say, I quickly became dizzy and needed to lie down. I was too afraid to fall alseep, I was afraid I'd die because of the steriod/antibiotic/iburprofen/percocet/vicodin combo--like Heath Ledger. I told Ryan to call to check on me if I fell asleep and he just texted back "RIP." Well, I didn't fall asleep after that.

Here I am this morning. Puffy. Looking really pretty. Just before the barfy bout.

Yesterday I desperately needed to get out of the house, so we went on a family trip to the school 1 block from our house. Jan just got Maizey this little sweatshirt and these shorts and I thought she looked so cute! Like she just got out of toddler yoga.
I'm such a sucker for these teeth! I know most toddlers have a gap in their teeth, but I really hope it stays. It's sososo cute.

She's so agile, she climbed this ladder all by herself, we are just there to spot her!
She'd rather walk up the slide than go down it!
Look how gorgeous my husband and daughter are. I look like, hmm, let's just say I look really bad. This is an incentive to not ever gain 10lbs in my face.
This should be Lou's incentive to not gain anymore weight either. This poor dog, it's hard to watch her go for walks. She's obese. Morbidly. But not because we're bad dog owners. It's because she has major PTSD.
She thought daddy's eye sockets (or orbital foramens--you're impressed, huh?) made nice handles, lucky for daddy.
She insists on holding the leash...
which is okay because they walk at the same pace.
She loves to help her grammies do yard work. Here is my mom watering the garden that my mother-in-law planted for us. I know, I'm lucky.
Jan gave us these huge pieces of paper that we just cover the coffee table with and let Maize color on. She LOVES to color--well she likes to color, but she LOVES to eat crayons and colored pencils. We don't let her use the crayons anymore--the pencils are less edible.
But still kind of edible. Playing in a sprinkler puddle.Post playing in a sprinkler puddle.So, just about every morning I text my sister a picture of Maizey. She calls/texts me demanding that I do so! Technology is amazing. Anyway, I just uploaded my pics from my Blackberry onto the computer and I wanted to share some of these, 'cause they're so cute. For some reason Blackberries are really slow to take photos, so they're not always the greatest but they're still so cute. Her morning face is the cutest, and she always walks around with her "treasures" in crazy outfits...
Brushing her teeth in the shower! Good girl!

Watching the Today show--probably.
With her sunhat and broom and dustpan.
Her camera and my camera bag. Isn't this outfit ridiculous in an adorable way?
Cheesin' it up, LOVE the dimple!
Her good morning smile for auntie!
Now I'm off to lay in bed and try and convince Ryan to bring me home a grilled cheese and a milk shake from Burgermaster. He's working overtime today and Maizey is with Gran Jan, I've got the house all to myself! I LOVE it!


Georgia said...

1: I am actually sick (literally) from the donuts this it turns out to be not so cool after all, I am physically sick from eating too many..:(
2: I LOVE LOVE the idea of the diary blog..jess & i re-read mine last year and there were some entries that were so crazy..
3: Maizey is too cute..I can't get enough of her..need to see her soon!

Jessica Zevely said...

OW MY.....WE HAVE to do the diary thing..although I don't have any of my old diaries...probably burned them because people thought I would try to kill myself.... just like when someone found mine and Georgia's notebook and they called us into the principal's office saying that I needed therapy!

I definitely have some good letters and notes from Georgia I would be happy to share! And Yes...Georgia's butterfly diary will make everyone laugh. I can't wait!

Jessica Zevely said...

OH...and I love all the pics, and I'm glad you have good drugs for the pain. Your cheeks don't look THAT puffy, you still are gorgeous nomatter what :) Even if you had scabs all over your face, you would find a way to make yourself look pretty. :)

The LePiane's said...

I laughed all the way through this post! LOVED IT! So glad your feeling better and are being so well taken care of. Miss you.

Beth Zarling said...

I am glad you are well taken care of so you can enjoy your drug enduced haze.
We have to get the girls together. They haven't seen each other in a long time!