Monday, August 24, 2009

I'm wondering...

Can toddlers survive on Pirate's Booty, fruit, pasta, and eggs? I know that sounds like a lot (or maybe it doesn't), but my kid eats some variety of carbs and cheese at just about every meal. No veggies, EVER! She sees something green and instantly avoids it, even if it's not a veggie. I'm sick of having to trick her into eating veggies, so I think we'll be on the carbs and dairy plan for awhile. Actually, I think I'm on the carbs and dairy plan...

What else? I'm having my wisdom teeth out on Thursday. I'm SO nervous about it. I don't know why. I've had 2 surgeries now and both have been a whole lot easier than I thought they'd be. My mom is coming to stay to help with Maizey for 2 days--thank god! I'm really worried about the pain. I'm also worried I will be considerably less smart after they come out.

I'm listening to my Pandora station right now and Jungle Love's "The Time" just came on. Why do they think I want to hear this song? "Jungle Love. ohweeohweeoh. Girl I got to show ya..."

Not much else to report, Maizey is adorable and cute and so silly and fun. And, a LOT of work! I think I'm going to just forget the whole crib transition and put her straight into a single mattress on the floor. I think she'll like that better. Either way, I have to get her out of my bed. It's not fun anymore. She's a "kicker," but I would say that she's more of an equal opportunity abuser--she kicks, hits, and just generally makes you uncomfortable when she is asleep beside you. She's too big to be in bed with us. We tried to share a queen sized bed at the cabin and all 3 of us slept poorly.

Okay, I'm apparently out of interesting material. Here are some photos from our vacation to the cabin...

Cute after a trip out to the beach.

Louise in one of her few appearances outside of the cabin.

Exploring the tide lands with Grammy.
My mom's cooking is enough to get anyone to drive 2.5 hours in the car with a fussy toddler!

This is the best photo of all 3 of us on our trip. Needless to say, there were some pretty awful photos.
Such a tired baby after fun, long cabin days.
Getting ready for a hike to see Uncle Fred! The Serious Twins.

Ryan took Maizey to the old, abandoned saw mill--much to my chagrin. I told Ryan, this is exactly how scary movies always start, and the outcome is never good. Luckily for us, everyone made it out alive.
A VERY choppy evening in Tahuya. I love it when it's like this, so I HAD to swim!
Daddy playing with Maize and Lou.

Doggy kisses.Trouble makers...
Waiting in the ferry line.
Kissing in the ferry line.


The LePiane's said...

Wisdom teeth advice:
(1) If you feel good, don't be a hero. Lay down, enjoy your painkillers and milk it. I did not take that advice and it made recovery a lot longer.
(2) Don't try to be extra sanitary and rinse your mouth too much. You'll give yourself dry sockets. Go with dirty bloody mouth.
Good luck, Doll! You'll do great!
They're putting you out, right?

Mo said...

Good luck on Thursday! I had my wisdom teeth pulled when I was in 6th grade, so I have no advice. I do remember waking up during the procedure and hearing the doctors talk about their vacation plans for winter break though...

Erika said...

I wonder where Moo learned to eat like that!?!

You might lose wisdom, but you'll also lose weight! Yay you!!

Melissa Moore said...

Lana, I just have to tell you that it is good to know I am not the only one that struggles with toddlers and food. My son has so far survived on almost nothing because he is so dang picky. The doc says, they'll eat if the are hungry, don't force it but always try new things. So that is what I do. Good luck with your teeth.

Mo said...

I think if Emilie could eat only cheese for the rest of her life she'd be in heaven. She certainly does not take after me! Have you tried fish sticks or bean & cheese quesadillas for Maizey? If I want Embo to eat something I cooked (i.e. beef stew or pasta & sauce), I put some in the food processor for a second and spoon feed her. That way she has to eat at least a few bites, and by then she figures out it tastes good and I can give her pieces of it so she can feed herself. I'm sure when Emilie is a few months older I'll be in the same boat as you though Lana!

I also would bet money that if you gave her some chicken Maizey would eat it right up! :)

Beth Zarling said...

Good luck with your teeth! Sorry we missed you at the cabin. I wish we had felt better.
I love the carb/butter/cheese diet myself.

Blyth Family Blog said...

Sorry about your teeth, that sucks!! Ava dosen't eat veggies either, except soy beans and black beans, she LOVES them...guess you could try those if you haven't already??

Georgia said...

I know nothing about picky kids are all veggies all day..;) in my kids are both on the carb healthy!
btw, D calls that old saw mill at the cabin "The Danger House"...I told them both they were going to sleep there...
Good luck with your teeth!
oh, kinda funny, my "word verification" below is PASTA, kind of fitting for the topic..