Sunday, March 22, 2009

Not so much

So remember in my last post where I said that I sounded worse than I was? Well, it turns out I am as sick as I sound. Here's what I learned today: you can get a strep infection in your throat and your knee. I have both. Yay. Seriously, I knew I'd been sick, and I knew my knees were bugging me yesterday--and I don't really have knee problems. Then, I woke up this morning and I, literally, could not walk. Naturally, I went to the walk-in clinic aka to visit my extended family. Anyway, I knew something was wrong because a. I couldn't walk b. my knee was really swollen and c. it was hot to the touch...all classic signs of infection. The doc thought she'd do a strep test on my throat since I've been sick and sound terrible, but I wasn't really sure what that would have to do with my knee. Well apparently strep can spread throughout your body and manifest in different ways. She also thinks that I have gout in my knee--I'm not sure when I turned into an 80 year old man, but I was pretty sure that next I was going to be told I had gallstones and an enlarged prostate. Seriously, I expected to leave the clinic with some rubber tubing and a handout for knee stretches, but I left with much more than that (including instructions to keep my leg elevated as much as possible). Overall, I would say it was a day hypochondriacs dream about--a day that I would have dreamed about before I had a baby. Now that I've got my girl I don't have the luxury of elevating my leg--I just gotta suck it up. Well, speaking of Maizey, she got re-sick. She's miserable and I feel pretty awful too. I'm going to go join her in our humid, menthol-y bedroom now for a night that I can only imagine will be pretty long and painful.


Jessica Zevely said...

And OH MY GOD. I want to have strep on my knee and have to be bedridden with my leg elevated...SO :) You poor thing. I'm sorry you are sick. Hope you guys feel better soon.

Beth Zarling said...

Only you! I can't believe that you have knee strep. Are you sure you didn't go to some drive thru clinic or back of a van clinic?

The LePiane's said...

Ummm...I take offense to the gallstone comment - some young-ish, perfectly healthy females get gallstones. So there.