Saturday, March 21, 2009


My quarter is finally over!!! I have a week off and then it's back to do it again! Winter to Spring quarter is the most difficult since all we get is 1 week off. It's hardly enough to shake off the intensity of the previous quarter. I feel so worn out. I just have to get through the next couple of months and then it will be smooth sailing until the program starts next winter--assuming I get in. Anyway, I literally don't know what to do with myself. The last few months have been non-stop and I am not really sure what I will do with a week of nothing. Probably nothing.

Let me just start by saying that I got an A on my final. Yes! I was one of only 3 in the class to accomplish this. But, it was too little too late, I ended up with a B+ in the class. I was .5% shy of an A. Oh well. It was an extremely intense class, a TON of material, and so little time. Plus, I really had to learn how to manage life with a baby and school, so there was a bit of a learning curve. Anyway, mostly I am pretty satisfied. I start Phys with most of the same people on the 30th. We have a really amazing group and I get a lot out of our study sessions. We celebrated after the final at Lombardi's and had a really great time.

Today we went down the Beth and Josh's place and then all went together to Pt. Defiance Zoo. It's a pretty great zoo for kids. Not a ton of people and a lot of places to play. There aren't as many animals as at Woodland Park, but it's fun in other ways. This was our first trip to the zoo where I feel like Maizey was starting to understand and get excited about what was going on, which made it extra exciting for us.

Maizey is recovering from, what I can only assume is the first of many ear infections. Between my eustachian tubes (I'm showing off my mad anatomy skillz!) and Ryan's, it's amazing she went this long. Ryan is recovering from a cold, and I'm in the last 3/4s (or so) of mine. It's one of those "it sounds worse than it really is" kind of colds, but it made finals slightly worse then they needed to be.

Okay, I gotta run. I feel like I always have to give an abbreviated update, but Twilight and dessert are awaiting. And let's be honest, those 2 things will always take precedence--over almost everything.
The Fam at the Zoo. If you are wondering if I got fat and pale over the last quarter, the answer is--yes, yes I did.

Meerkats! I want one!

Babies in matching fleece at the zoo. Ooh! Beluga!

When I saw this Canadian Linx I thought "ooh Maizey would LOVE to pet it!" When Josh bolted with Harper because he was worried the wild cat would attack, I thought "is it weird that my first reaction was 'ooh kitty!" and not 'RUN!' ?" I guess I'm still working on sharpening up my protective instincts.

Visiting the Red Wolf.
Beth and Josh. They look like movie stars I'm paparazzing in this photo.
Look how she looks at her daddy.
Look at the teeth on this shark!

Mama and Maize.
Tapir. One of God's more unfortunate looking animals. I think he must of made the Tapir on, like, the first or second day--before he had practice.

Getting ready to start our tour.
My silly girl getting ready for her shower.
Auntie Erika came up and took Maizey for a swim last week.

This is moments after going under for the first time. I'd been dreading this moment and then it happened and it was no big deal. It turns out that, unlike daddy, Maizey doesn't have holes in her eardrum :-)
She had such a fun time with auntie. This is the only picture I have that proves she has top teeth. She's up to 7 teeth now (some are just starting to peek out).


Georgia said...

We'll have to go up to that zoo this spring/summer, i really want to go!
Missed you last night, i drank your share of the wine though, so no worries ;)

Beth Zarling said...

I had such a great time! You are welcome anytime.
The Tipar is God's dry run. You are so right.

Ashley Bruggeman said...

Congrats on your finals! (And you don't look fat and pasty--you look gorgeous!) Point Defiance looks fun. We went for zoo lights, but have never been to the actual zoo. Let's get together for a play date while you are on break...

Jessica Zevely said...

Yowza! Those are some great pics. I can't wait to see you guys! Congrats on getting an A on your final! I'm soo proud of you :)