Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A day in the life...

So it's not really whole day in the life, just a quick glimpse at what it's like to be with Maizey for awhile. I pretty much just follow her around. When I leave her for a second, I come back to find her knee-deep in mischief.

Here are some photos of me following her around with the camera today.

She is instantly aware of "decorative" type items and quickly pulls them off/knocks them over.Waving "hi" to Porter in the backyard.

I went to the kitchen for a minute and came back out to find Maizey had gotten into my school bag and pulled out some papers.
What do you do with paper? Eat it of course!
We're learning to close the toilet lid around here, since the toilet is Maizey's favorite place to be. She bangs on it like a drum, but if lid is up she LOVES to play in the water. What's worse is we're of the "if it's yellow, let it mellow" school of thought--well we used to be before all of this...
Playing the toilet drum.

This is what we spend most of our day doing. Maizey is to content to stare in the mirror all day in laugh and scream.
Umm, sorry about the sideways thing, I'm still learning that you can't turn the camera long-ways when you're taping. I figure it out about half way through.


Special E said...

I LOVE THE VIDEO!!! OMG, she's the most amazing child ever, and beyond the cutest!!! Yay for MAIZEY!

Love her. I am a little biased.

Beth Zarling said...

I love that laugh! Harper watched it with me and she watched the screen and started talking.
I can't wait for this weekend!

Special E said...

Take lotsa photos!!!

al said...

Aliya, "Look at her in the mirror."

Travis, "Being cute in the mirror..."

enough sais!

Ziongirl said...

Your back! Last I knew you had gone private. ....Yeah.. I love your blog. Welcome back!

Queenneenee said...

she is just adorable! I love the kerchief on the head. She is a snazzy lil dresser!

Jessica Zevely said...

I want her!!! She's the funniest little peanut. I love her!!!

Ashley Bruggeman said...

So adorable!

Prabath said...

cute baby, I like this post.