Sunday, August 10, 2008

I Heart Bumbo

Moms of young babies listen up: RUN, don't walk to get a Bumbo for your baby. Maizey is so relieved to be able to sit-up and play with her toys, she has such a good time. And, I cannot even begin to imagine how great it is for her developmentally (physically and emotionally).

Also, when I tell you I love BabyLegs legwarmers, I mean I psychotically love them, I'm having a love affair with them. Take any dress or romper, add a cute cardie and a fun beanie, a pair of legwarmers and some Robeez and you get the cutest, funky, little ensemble ever. People automatically think you're awesome when your baby (or niecey) rocks this outfit ;-)

oh yeah...most recent doctor's visit found Maizey weighing in at a hearty 12.5lbs!! That puts her in the the 41st percentile and that doesn't even take into account her prematurity! My girl can eat.

Maizey in Bumbo heaven.
Today's version of the perfect outfit.

Allie being weird. Why does she insist on sleeping on all the baby stuff? It's not because she's jealous--she sucks her own nipples, jealous is far too complex an emotion for this animal.


Jessica Zevely said...

She's the cutest baby girl in the world. I'm SO jealous that you get to see her and hold her and kiss her every day!

Thank you for letting me watch her on Saturday. I had so much fun with her. I dreamt (sp?) that she spent the night and I ran out milk for her and I was freaking out trying to find you.. ha ha!

Georgia said...

oooh the bumbo! that was the greatest thing in the world!! I LOVED it!! Maizey is so big, i cannot and will not believe it! see you thursday i hope!!

Barb said...

That is so cool Lana, I bet she really likes it, can't wait to see her. Ma

lacers said...

She looks so content in her bumbo. Is she always so mellow? I love the bumbo too. I only wish my little fella wasn't always on the go. He is always moving, and will push with his feet and almost flip the bumbo over. It must be a boy thing. I hope to see you both on Thursday. It has been so long.

Ricki-Ratzzi said...

That's my neicey!!!! So freakin' cute. I can't wait until I can shop again to keep her in style.