Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Great News

The coolest baby on the block. Rockin' her edgy-baby hat from Auntie Erika.
Well, I've got some pretty good news. I got on the scale a couple of days ago and saw that I was only 5lbs away from my pre-pregnancy weight. Yay! So, I thought I'd do it...I decided to try on my most expensive jeans that I bought last summer and only got to wear a handful of times before I got pregnant. And, hallelujah, they fit! Now, by "fit" I mean I can get them zipped and buttoned. I did attempt to wear them on Saturday and after a meal and some grocery shopping, I was pretty uncomfortable--I unbuttoned them when I got in the car. So I guess I still have some work to do, but this was a good motivator and should help me get rid of those last little pounds. Breast feeding is not only good for the baby, it's good for the mother--it gets rid of all those "I'm pregnant I can eat it" extra pounds. Here I am in all my glory:
Maizey updates:
Maize had her little surgery last week and she did so well! They put her pacifier in some sugar water (I guess the sugar releases endorphins) and just cried for a few seconds when they zapped her little spot. There isn't any noticeable improvement-yet. The doc said it takes a couple treatments to start noticing a difference. Our next treatment is next week and then another one in 3 weeks.

Maizey girl turned into Maizey little-old-balding-man a couple weeks ago. The only hair she had left was around the sides of her head and a little patch of bangs. In the last few days we've seen a lot of growth back on top. She looks like her daddy right now with just the short stubble.

Her "colic" thing is still going on, but we're managing it a lot better. I don't think that it can be considered colic after all. She cries much less than 3 hours a day--maybe more like 1 hour total. Also, we've learned that all it takes is some time on the exercise ball bouncing up and down or some Moby time.

She graduated out of preemie and into newborn diapers. We're hoping to get into her cloth diapers in the next few weeks. With the way she is gaining weight, that shouldn't be a problem.


We'll call this her first AFTER shot.

Maizey playing with Allie.

I know I've got a lot of carseat shots, but they're so cute. Grammy Jan said Maize looked like a peapod in this outfit--so sweet!

The loves of my life.

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Beth & Josh Zarling said...

You give me hope that I will bounce back and not carry around the extra baby weight for the rest of my life.