Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Dance

So by "the dance" I mean the last hours (hour [singular] if I'm lucky) before Maizey goes to sleep for the night--and by "night" I mean the period from about 11pm to 4am. The dance begins with the final change for the night, then there is the is-this- a-good-night-or-is-this-a-bad-night five or so minutes. If it's good she falls asleep in minutes, if it's bad, all hell breaks loose. Tonight is a bad night. The dance began around 9:30pm and it continues now at 12:53am. The good news is that we're nearing the end--the part where she appears to be totally passed out, but then all the sudden throws her head back for no apparent reason. If I move too soon and try to conclude the dance, it could be all over and we could have to start over again. I must be able to move Maizey out of the Bjorn or Moby and into her swaddle sack then into her cradle--it's a risky maneuver with even the sleepiest of babies. I've learned that motherhood is just a series of weighing out options--if I move Maizey too soon, then she wakes up and I have to start all over. But, if I risk it and try to move her when it appears that the coast may have cleared then I could, potentially, get those precious extra moments of sleep. You see my dilemma. So, anyway, while you're all asleep, snuggled warmly in bed, dream of me -blogging- and longing for that special moment each night/very early morning, where I get to put my tightly swaddled bambina (I just call her Bambi for short) into her cradle and get to fall into bed and cozy into the warmth of a job well done--for about the next four hours.

I'm happy to report that Ms. Maizey is tuckered out and tucked in for the night/morning.

This is satisfaction/relief.

I'll post some new pics hopefully tomorrow. I would do it now, but that would mean less sleep for poor, old, me.


Jessica Zevely said...

You are just about the best writer in the world.
Hang in there, she'll start sleeping through the night in no time :)

Ricki-Ratzzi said...

SUCKS!!! I can't wait to see you two today! Yeah!

Georgia said...

oh the joys huh?? At least you are a skinny minnie again!! Yes, you are!! and paaaalleeaase add some photos! you dont need to sleep.!!

al said...

hey lover pants
these pictures make me melt
the fatter she gets
the cuter she appears
as if that is even humanly possible
i love you
and i can't wait for our time together at the cabin this summer :)
i will let you know some dates as soon as I know them.
love you A

jon and nichole said...

i have to say your baby girl is probably one of the cutest babies i have ever seen -- congrats -- and btw -- you look absolutely amazing... :)