Sunday, February 3, 2008


The nursery is coming along. Jan came by with the newly arrived bedding yesterday, so we had fun getting that setup. We also found the perfect rug! We've come a long way in the nursery (but still need a bookcase), and we're looking forward to finishing it up so that we can spend the next couple of months organizing all of the baby items we need! We wanted to get an early start so that we could have a leisurely pace and enjoy the process--not rush through it. We also registered this week at Babies R Us with help from my friend Ashley. All I can say about that experience is: I think we're gonna need a bigger house!

Here is how the nursery is turning out so far:

This chair was called "Porter the Puppy" so we obviously had to get it!

An up-close shot of the bedding

My chair--still "in the works," and the pillowless sham.

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AliyaCaler said...

hey lana what does the chair say?