Wednesday, February 13, 2008

3rd Trimester

Bonjour friends and family! I am now into my 3rd Trimester and it feels amazing/terrible. Everything hurts, and everything is big. The only way I can think to describe how it feels when things are really uncomfortable is: it's like having a bad side ache, only it's all over your abdomen and it doesn't matter if you stop running-- it still hurts. But, it feels great to know that I only have 3 months left.

At my most recent doctor's appointment I measured exactly to where I am supposed to be at this gestation (26cm at 26wks), so that felt good. I've been feeling really large-and-in-charge and if you would have asked me I would have guessed I'd measure closer to the size of a woman with quintuplets.

My mom cut my hair short today. I figured that now that I am going to have a child, I need to have a hairstyle to keep me hip. Otherwise it would be sweats and ponytails everyday. Now it will be sweats and short hair everyday, which is slightly cuter in my opinion.

Nothing else new to report. We'll be out of town for 4 days this weekend in Washington's own little Bavaria. We'll be taking the pups, and I think this will be our last getaway before we are officially tied down (we've been unofficially tied down for about 10years already). Thanks to cousin Sarah for taking care of Allie while we are gone, I don't know what we'd do without her. My only warning to Sarah is to watch out for cooked kitty. Allie's new past time is sleeping on our cooktop while it's still hot from cooking. It's pretty bizarre. It will be so hot that I can barely touch it and Allie will be asleep on it. It reaffirms my belief that Allie is at least slightly retarded.

Allie isn't looking her best in this picture, but she sure was enjoying herself. There are so many things that are unsanitary about this I can't even think about it...

27 weeks and looking HUGE! For some reason I look WAY bigger from far away than I do close up (refer to side bar pictures).

Short hair (and no make-up).


Erika said...

you look so cute, and tired. Why did you flip your hair out - it's kinda retro 2001.

Georgia said...

I love your hair!! you dont look big at all, you look perfectly pregnant! i love it!

Jessica Zevely said...

I LOVE Your hair too! And you look sooo cute pregnant! You don't look that big you silly girl!

Colleen said...

Your new hair style looks great Lana! What is it with pregnant women wanting to cut their hair short like their fabulous sisters? :)