Tuesday, January 29, 2008

25 weeks and a healthier cat...

Well, I've made it past the viability mark--which I'd imagine is always and exciting time for moms-to-be. At 24 weeks, babies are viable. I'll be 25 weeks in 2 days, which puts me safely in the viability club. Things are starting to slow down a little. I can feel that I am on my way out of the "honeymoon period" that is the 2nd trimester. Maizey isn't quite as active as she was, which is probably because things are getting tighter for her in there. I don't feel the somersaults like i used to, and I will miss that, but she is still kickin' for sure.
Other indicators that the 3rd trimester is fast approaching:
My feet are swelling--my Dansko's feel really tight today (which means I'll need to find an even more reasonable [aka ugly but expensive] shoe), but none of that will matter since I can officially no longer see my feet when looking down.

When I'm in my pre-natal yoga class in Half Lotus position, my pulse is so strong that I cannot sit still, it literally rocks me back and forth--it becomes more of a half-lotus-blowing-in-the-wind position.

I'm now anemic 'cause the baby is stealing all my iron. Which basically means that when I'm not asleep from fatigue, I'm dizzy and weak. Hopefully my supplement will start to kick in soon.

I'm snoring, loud enough that Ryan requested I use breathe right strips, and though there has been some improvement, I still wake up with a sore throat.

All I can say about pregnancy is you'd better hope that your partner really loves you, because there are plenty of not-so-attractive aspects of pregnancy. I know Ryan still loves me, but I also know that he is likely disappointed that I'm not as princessly feminine as he may have once thought. Oh yeah I think all the whining, complaining, crying, and major bitchiness has probably made him wish we adopted.

After a quarter-hearted attempt to give Allie away, we are realizing that it isn't so difficult after all to live with a diabetic cat. She is doing a lot better, and the shots don't seem to bother her at all. We're just gonna have to hit up all of our family and friends to help us out when we go out of town, which is going to suck, but I think we'll be able to make it work.

Here is our week in pictures:

Here is a slightly revitalized-looking Allie. The truth is even when she was perfectly healthy, she looked tired and diabetic. Here she is with her Christmas present.

Here is the baby's momma at 25 weeks

Here is our new swing that my parents got us. Thanks mom and dad. All I can say is...why don't they make these for adults? I would TOTALLY own one!

Here is the bedding we got for the baby's room. So sweet and feminine. Thank you Jan and Gordon!

My cousin Carmen is due 2 months before me with a little boy. Here we are at her shower. Left to right: Cousin Alison, Cousin Carmen, Sissy Erika, and me (looking very pregnant in the face).

And here is Ryan, just because he's cute and nice.

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Georgia said...

you gotta start wearing tight shirts all the time now and start showing off the belly! i love it!!