Wednesday, January 16, 2008

23 weeks

I'm aware this photo looks like a knee or miscellaneous body part, but Ryan is otherwise occupied. He's started the weekly "cleaning of the garage" project--which proceeds any and all other house projects. So, I had to take it with my short arms.

23 weeks

Here is a picture that I just took of my little babies staring at me in the office (god forbid Louise actually walk on the tile to come and visit me in the office--she's never actually been in this room before). I feel the love from my animals, that is for sure!

That is Louise in the middle, the one who looks like a beached harbor seal. It's her unique charm.

Here is Ryan feeling the love:

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Georgia said...

i forgot about louise and the tile..i am cracking up right now!! and thank you for FINALLY posting belly pics! i love love love them!!