Monday, June 22, 2009

Father's Day

Well, I don't have much time to talk--lucky for you! My crazy, little toddler is into everything these days, so lots of time I do not have.

Yesterday we went for a hike to Bridal Veil Falls. It was beautiful and so much more fun than our last hike. It was a lot more of a work out, technical in spots, and generally just more treacherous than Wallace Falls, so it made getting to the top that much better. We had a blast and little Maizey was pooped!

Oh yeah, she also slept in her crib last night. It only took me an hour to get her to fall asleep in there, and that is what it takes to get her to fall asleep in bed with us anyway these days. I am very proud of her--and me!

Sorry, there are a lot of photos. I was going to weed some out, but I couldn't...

Our Hike

I know it's a dorky pic, but this little bridge was scary for me. It was about 5 feet off the ground with big gaps in between the slats that you walked on, it was about 2 ft wide with nothing to hold onto. Not scary for most people, just wussies like me!
My mom kept calling me. She was worried about bears. Seriously. I was just hoping that a vampire would join us, perhaps Edward Cullen???
We put Burts Bees on her lips and she LOVED it! Here she is rubbing in the chapstick.
The only family pic we got and Ryan has his eyes closed. Go figure.
Our lunching spot.
The view from the falls.
They had these cool bridges at the falls.
She didn't want to be in the carrier anymore on the way down. So this was her transportation.
Nature baby. So tired on the walk back.She just laid on this rock while we got ready to go.Tired baby.
Here is our setup for the transition into the crib. I'm going to sleep by her for awhile and then gradually make my way out of the bedroom. It's tight in there right now! But whatever works, right?


e$ said...

i know it's only been like 4 days, but i miss her already

Georgia said...

That hike looked fun..where is that??
I love the transition room! Good for you guys! you have to let me know how she does!! Now we have added another item in our bed! Next thing you know Anna will be up there with us..

Jessica Zevely said...

I want to go on a hike with you guys! That would be really fun! I'm VERY proud of you for transitioning her into her crib Lana! It's hard for me to be away from Juno already...and she's in bed with us too so I can hardly imagine not wanting a baby in my bed with us! Good for you though :)

I LOVE her keens....and her outfit as usual is the cutest & hippest!

Beth Zarling said...

I know you don't want to do it now, but it's better now than when you are in school. Plus, think of it as camping in your own house! It's an adventure!

Barb said...

I really want to see the laughing peek-a-boo video, is that possible?

Ashley Bruggeman said...

That hike looks great--we will have to try it sometime with Miss Ava.

jon and nichole said...

let me know how she does with the crib...we are doing sleep training this weekend...a lady at work told me about it and after 5 days her son slept 10 hours through the just hope it works...the next five days are going to be hell for me though...

Elliot said...

What a nice place for a hike. Lucky kid.