Thursday, September 4, 2008

Looking Up

Things are looking up for us. Ryan's mom is doing much better. She is home now and walking with a walker. She has regained a lot of movement, but is still feeling pretty weak and tired. Her improvement continues to be steadily increasing, so we're hoping she'll be back to herself in no time! As for my mama, we had a visit with her oncologist/surgeon/i'm-not-actually-sure-what-type-of-doc she was on Wednesday. We didn't really find out anything new. But, the doctor was really encouraging and even though she took everything quite seriously, the appt had a sort of "we do this everyday" vibe. Like this breast cancer is just a right-of-passage for women now. Like you do this and then you move on. So, madre is spending the next week deciding which type of surgery she'll have. The prognosis for mastectomy and lumpectomy with radiation is the same. The lumpectomy is looking like the winner today, but 7 weeks of radiation 5 days a week seems really daunting and like a big commitment--and I'm not even the one getting the radiation. I just keep thinking "well that means mom won't be able to stay the night every week," but that's just me being selfish (so what else is new???). Ultimately, the lumpectomy is so much less invasive and there aren't usually big follow-up surgeries like there would be for a mastectomy (for breast reconstruction).
So, anyway I'm feeling much better. And, although my mom is feeling overwhelmed, I think she is feeling better too. I think that Maizey brings her a lot of peace--she demands your full attention so there isn't really a lot of time to wallow or worry in her presence, so I should say that Maizey forces her into peace--which is sort of an oxymoron.
Well, I was going to report more and post some photos, but the little peanut is waking up from a too-short nap so I gotta run!

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jon and nichole said...

im glad to hear that things are starting to get a little bit better for you and your family...if you need anything, absolutely anything...let me know...