Friday, April 11, 2008

Spring Day in Tahuya

It's 60 degrees and beautiful and warm in Tahuya. Honest to blog. We could still be experiencing what Aliya and Travis call the February fakeout, but I don't think so. This feels like a real spring day to me. The air even smells different. A warning: I'm writing on my sister's laptop and it has a sticky H, so if you notice Hs missing from my post, that is why.
It's so quiet here and I'm eating HInt of Lime chips with guac and a diet root beer thinking tat this will be my last time here without a baby for probably a couple of years. I want to do all the reading that I can (even if I am reading a baby book--The Happiest Baby on the Block and it's so great). I want to lay on te chaise in the sun and nap all day. What I really want to do is sit in the hot tub, but that will have to wait until after baby.
So, I've officially ruined my chiropracter's perfect history of successful baby turning. Before me he had a 100% record of flipping breec babies. But, alas, my girl is stubborn and is happy being butt down. I've had five visits with te chiropracter so far, I will keep seeing him, but less often. I have my next doc appt on Tuesday. I will probably try external cephalic version (or just version for short) before conceeding to c-section. That is when the doc tries to rotate the baby to be head down by pushing on your belly to flip the baby manually. From what I've read it's reasonably safe and about 50% effective. It is kind of a big procedure, it takes place in the hospital, often with use of an epidural. It can send you into labor or cause the baby's HR to drop enough that they would preform an emergency c-sect. If we do this, it will be in the next week or so, while she is still small enough to turn. Otherwise we will be planning our c-sect. I will let everyone know the date if/when I get it. But, it looks like we'll be having our baby in 3 and a half weeks! How is that even possible?
I have to go, I'm having a baby in 3.5 weeks and I have a lot to do/figure out.


Don't Be Frightened of Technology said...

I am scared for you... Serious, but I can't wait for my baby neice to spoil.

Beth & Josh Zarling said...

Hey, stop telling me the gruesome details. I may want to keep my kid in forever. I also think you are just trying to outdo me in the "who is having a worse pregnancy" contest.
Beth and Harper (from Tahiti)

Georgia said...

im so exciedted for the little one, but lso am a little drunk right e you


al said...

Miss you, love you, thanks for the 35 week pic!!! I can't believe that you are gonna be a mommy in 3.5 weeks! THAT IS CRAZY TALK! hang in there Sweet thing.

Georgia said...

honest to goodness i just read this blog and thought it was the first time..yikes...
i cannot believe she'll be here in 3 weeks !holy guacamole!!