Monday, April 14, 2008

C-section it is...

So today was our appt with Dr. Banfield (the cutest OB ever). We found out that I am dilated to 1cm (which is pretty normal for this point in pregnancy). This fact gave validation to what I thought could be early labor last night, I was having uncomfortable contractions every 4-5min for about 4 hours. We also found out that our precious little diva baby is still up-side-up which is, of course, wrong-side-down. While we haven't exhausted all of our baby turning options, I've decided I'm too exhausted to try. The truth is we just want to do what is safest for the little peanut at this point and that is a planned cesarean section. I'm still majorly bumming over the loss of what was destined to be the most perfect labor anyone had ever seen, complete with candles and Thievery Corporation, massage oils and deep primitive breathing. I was so looking forward to joining the club of women who birthed their babies naturally and were so empowered by it. But, instead I'm joining the slightly more stellar club of women who have elective cesareans which includes: Britney Spears, Elizabeth Hurley, and Victoria "Posh Spice" Beckham. I may not be among the earth mothers of the world, but I'll be among the fashion elite and one total idiot--err the fashion elite/3 total idiots. Anyway, I'll be getting a call from the schedulers in the nest couple of days and I'll let everyone know then what our revised due date will be. I'm hoping for the morning May 8th or 9th. Just over 3 short weeks away.
On a brighter note, I had a glorious time in Tahuya this weekend. Saturday sky-rocketed (for Seattle) to 80 degrees on the peninsula. I enjoyed it by reading in the sun, getting a slight sunburn that lasted for about 12 hours and then was nowhere to be found, and walking on the storm-changed tide flats that more resembled the moon than the old tide flats of Tahuya. It was a really beautiful day and I loved every minute of it. It was promptly replaced by a rainy, coldish Seattle spring day, which also holds value as pregnant women don't look that hot in shorts--at least I don't.
So our journey is winding down/just about to begin. I'll keep blogging and update everyone with dates and new info as I get it. In the meantime enjoy a really beautiful picture of a really beautiful place by a really great photographer (sissy). I feel so lucky to have this place in my life. I know Maizey will dig going out and searching for crabs on these tide flats just like I did/still secretly do.

Tahuya, Washington 4/12/08


Don't Be Frightened of Technology said...

I can't wait! when you get the date, let me know, so I can pencil Maizey into my schedule.

Beth said...

I am so sorry you don't get to have the glorious birth that you had planned. At least you know exactly when it will happen, which is definately a plus. I can't wait to be there, although it might cause me a nervous breakdown.