Friday, April 18, 2008

3 weeks to go!

After a fair amount of back and forth with the surgery scheduler, we finally got our c-section date this morning. Maizey's birth date will be Friday May 9th, exactly 3 weeks from today--which feels very soon. There is still a chance that she could choose to come on her own anytime between now and then, but I think that the odds are in our favor that that won't happen. May 9th will be 39 weeks and 1 day gestation, that is considered full term and so the fact that she will be 6 days early isn't really a concern. We're really excited and feel thankful that, if nothing else, we get to be prepared--planned cesareans really are quite convenient in that way. We check in at 6am, surgery is set to be at 7:30am and Maizey should be here within about 20 minutes. It's likely that I'll be in the hospital until the following Monday, but I am hoping that I'll be feeling well enough to check out on Sunday (which is the earliest they'd let me leave). I think I'll be pretty anxious to get home. I know Ryan will be looking forward to sleeping in his own bed, the hospital's options for partner sleeping are ridiculous and certainly not meant to accommodate a 6'3" man. In any case, we definitely want visitors. So feel free to come by anytime--we may just con you into picking Starbucks up for us on your way over!

In other news, it snowed today. And accumulated! Can you believe it? I can't, and I don't want to. I'm so over winter. I think everyone is. Last week at this time it was 80 out. Is this what global warming is going to be like? I knew I didn't like global warming, but now I know I hate it. Also, last night Ryan and I did our belly cast. It turned out really great, it's already so cool to see. You never get a chance to see your own body in that way. I'm a lot bigger than I thought I was. But, I'm sure that once this baby gets here it will be really fun to see it and remember what it was like to be pregnant. It's going to take a while to finish, we still have to sand and paint it, but hopefully we'll get it done and hung before she's born.

That's the news for now...

Our Snowy-for-April backyard
Belly Cast

Belly cast side view

Allie in the baby bouncer--this cat finds the weirdest ways to sleep!


Don't Be Frightened of Technology said...

Oh holy shit. I can't believe it!!!

Jessica Zevely said...

The belly cast is the CUTEST thing ever! I love it!!!

It was fun hanging out tonight and getting pedis!

Love, Me

Georgia said...

im so jelous, i wish i had done a belly cast! that is awsome..

lacers said...

Josh is pretty excited to share his birthday with your little one. We would totally be willing to bring you Starbucks and goodies if you'd like. I suggest asking people bring you some real food. The hospital food is awful!! I am so excited to meet your little girl!!