Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Petting Zoo

If you haven't been to the petting zoo at Forest Park in Everett, you should. It's free. What more can I say? They also have an awesome spray park. We've been twice so far this summer. The second time Evening Magazine was filming there. Maizey was in several scenes on TV running around in the background. It was very cute.
Little pig cooling off. Pork stew.

Maizey found her favorite goat both times. Baby Mooshu.
Just being her silly, diva self.

Maizey and Mooshu, again.
The sweetest, little calf ever.

I told Maizey she can feel good about herself when she goes to the petting zoo, she doesn't eat these animals (or any animals). The other kids do and they shouldn't be allowed to pet them. ;-)

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Beth Zarling said...

That's why Harper only pets animals other than chickens and cows :)