Wednesday, August 4, 2010

4th of July in Tahuya

Let me just tell the story of our 4th of July celebration through photos. A lot of photos. In no particular order thanks to Blogger formatting...

Though I don't understand the appeal, the hit the buoy with a rock contest remains one of the cabin's most popular activities.
Even the kiddos get in on it.Erika, red wine and babysitting by large bodies of water don't mix. The balloon house at Tahuya days. Very cool.
Sparklers and Toddlers? My dad would not be pleased.
But both the girls did a good job.
Though this swing is new, generations of Gebows have swung from this very tree.
Alcohol+Cabin Fever= Interesting Ideas

My brother and his wife (Brion and Mistilyn) sailed up to the cabin and stayed on their boat and took us for a trip. Here is there beautiful boat.
The sailors in my family.
The non-sailors.

Docking the boat in Hoodsport for the street fair.Jim, Ryan, and I went to the street fair in the aluminum boat. And got wet. Next time we'll be on the big boat.
Brothers (in-law). Ryan was a hero and wore my soaking wet sweatshirt and I wore his less wet sweatshirt. Jon and the kids in Hoodsport.

Maizey, bringing glamour to the beach (and everywhere she goes for that matter).
And yoga chic in the front yard.
Daddy giving moo a ride at Tahuya Days.
Though Grandma and Grandpa Gebow died several years ago and we already had big memorials, it took us until this weekend to spread their ashes and get real closure. We all told a story and then we all spread a scoop of their combined ashes and a flower into the canal. It was really lovely. This is exactly what I want done for me when I pass.
Then we told Cliff stories. His ashes were placed in a memorial stone beside the campfire--Cliff style.
Sandals and Socks guys. My brother and my dad. So very northwest. Maizey on the deck. Cute.
Cousins. Ari is Maizey's idol.
Cash is Maizey's bff.

Toddlers racing at Shelley and Jon's. We didn't get the jeans and no t-shirt memo.The blue is genetic. The pink is coincidence.

Maizey's favorite part of Tahuya Days.Harper. Very festive for the BIG parade.
Closing down the parade.
Darren. Such a little ham.Maizey in the hot tub. I love that little neck and back. I could just eat her up!!

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Beth Zarling said...

I am so glad we all got to have that weekend together. I hope the girls remember it forever!